In Memory of John M. Eargle

May 12, 2007

John M Eargle

This week the audio community lost a legend with the passing of John M. Eargle. John educated many in the industry through his magazine articles, books and presentations. Mr. Eargle is the author of the JBL documents posted on the education page of the m3tools website.

The photo to the right was the back cover of his book Handbook of System Design published by ELAR Publishing in 1989. The inside back cover of this book presented the details of his career at that time in the About the Author, and presented here in his memory.

John Eargle holds degrees in music and electrical engineering from the Eastman School of Music (BM) University of Michigan (MM), University of Texas (BSEE) and Cooper Union (ME). He is a member of ASA, SMPTE, IEEE (senior member), National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and AES (Fellow, honorary member, Bronze medallist as well as a national past president.

During the sixties he worked for RCA Records and Mercury Records.


In the early seventies he joined Altec Corporation and also found his own JME Consulting Corporation. Since 1976 he has been associated with JBL Incorporated in the areas of product development and application.

Since 1982 he has expanded his activities in recording engineering and producing.

John Eargle is the author of the "Handbook of Recording Engineering and the "Microphone Handbook", both currently widely used as university-level textbooks as well as hundreds of magazines articles and record reviews.

John Eargle is also the co-author of JBL's "Sound System Design Reference Manual," and he has participated in that company's extensive educational seminars over the years.

He was the co-developer of JBL's "Central Array Design Program" (CADP) for computer layout of sound reinforcement systems. He was also a co-developer of the new sound system in the Goldwyn Theater of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California.

A personal note from m3tools founder Brent Harshbarger, "I have had the honor of bumping into John at trade shows from time to time, and I was blessed to see his last AES presentation on recording surround sound. John was a humble man who loved what he did and loved to share his experience. He will be missed."


Bibliography (Not a complete list)

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Loudspeaker Handbook by John Eargle (Hardcover - Sep 30, 2003)

Music, Sound and Technology by John M. Eargle (Hardcover - Sep 15, 1995)

JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement by John M. Eargle and Chris Foreman (Paperback - May 1, 2002)

Microphone Book by John Eargle (Paperback - 2004)

The JBL Story - 60 Years of Audio Innovation by John M. Eargle (Paperback - April 1, 2007)


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