Meeting the demands for quality multimedia requires education. m3tools provides educational programs for acoustics, audio, production, video, and technology management.

Our educational resources are available to you in a variety of forms. These include:


Technology Whitepapers and Articles
Developing A Technology Plan
Plan Before You Purchase: Excellence in praise and worship requires a plan
Stepping Into DVD Authoring
Digital Technology
Is Your Church Infringing on the Copyright?
Networking Audio Part I
Networking Audio Part II
Networking Audio Part III - Introduction to CobraNet
Networking Audio Part IV
The Digital Church: An Introduction
Automatic Mixer Application Guide
Acoustics 101
Acoustics 102
Acoustics 103
JBL Sound System Design Manual Part One - In Memory of the Author John M. Eargle
JBL Sound System Design Manual Part Two
JBL Speech Intelligibility Part 1
JBL Speech Intelligibility Part 2
Sound System Gain Structure by John Murray of Prosonic Solutions
Sound System Equalization by John Murray of Prosonic Solutions
Sound System Equalization Revisited by John Murray of Prosonic Solutions
Shure: Audio System Guide for Houses of Worship
Shure: Selection and Operation of Wireless Microphone Systems
Adobe Digital Video Primer
Adobe DVD Primer
Adobe DV Compression Primer
Adobe HD Primer
Adobe Streaming Media Primer
Streaming with mp4
Streaming with mp4 Part 2
Online Presentation
Gain Structure
Other Education Sites
  Church Soundcheck  
  Charlie's Web Site  



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