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Best Cabinet Hinges

When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your cabinets, choosing the right hinges is paramount. Not only do they provide a seamless operation, but they also play a significant role in determining the longevity of your cabinetry. This review showcases the best cabinet hinges of 2023, based on their durability, ease of installation, design, and customer feedback.

Types of Cabinet Hinges

Surface-Mount Hinges

Surface-mount hinges, also known as external hinges, are installed on the outside of the cabinet door. They're visible when the door is closed and come in various designs, making them a popular decorative choice.

Concealed Hinges

Also known as European or cup hinges, concealed hinges are hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed. They are typically used in modern, minimalist designs where the focus is on clean lines and surfaces.

Inset Hinges

Inset hinges are used with inset cabinet doors, where the door sits flush with the cabinet frame. These hinges are either partially concealed or fully visible when the door is closed, depending on the design.

Overlay Hinges

Overlay hinges are used with overlay cabinet doors that sit on top of the cabinet frame, covering it completely. They can be either concealed or visible.

Material and Finish

Cabinet hinges are made from a variety of materials including steel, brass, and stainless steel. The material you choose should depend on the style of your kitchen and the level of durability you require.

Finish-wise, there are numerous options available, including nickel, chrome, bronze, and more. Select a finish that matches the rest of your cabinet hardware for a cohesive look.

Hinge Features


Self-closing hinges have a built-in mechanism that pulls the cabinet door shut when it's a few inches from closing. They help ensure that doors close properly and stay closed.


Soft-close hinges have a special mechanism that slows the door down before it closes, preventing it from slamming. This can help reduce noise and prevent damage to the cabinet doors.


Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the alignment of the cabinet doors after they've been installed. This is useful for ensuring that all doors are level and aligned correctly.


Some hinges are easier to install than others. For instance, surface-mount hinges can usually be installed with a screwdriver, while concealed hinges may require a special drill bit and more precise measurements.

Consider your skill level and the tools you have available when choosing cabinet hinges. You may also want to consider hiring a professional if you're not comfortable with DIY projects.


The cost of cabinet hinges can vary widely depending on the type, material, and features. Basic hinges can cost a few dollars each, while high-end models can cost over $20 per hinge.

Remember, you often get what you pay for. While it's possible to find cheap hinges, they may not be as durable or function as smoothly as more expensive options.

Our Top Picks 2023:

1. Blum Compact Soft-Close Blumotion Overlay Hinges

Blum Compact Soft-Close Blumotion Overlay Hinges

Blum continues its tradition of quality with its Compact Soft-Close Blumotion Overlay Hinges. Known for their durability, these hinges are constructed from nickel-plated steel, ensuring they can withstand heavy use.

The highlight of these hinges is the integrated Blumotion soft-close mechanism. It ensures a smooth, slow, and silent closing of the cabinet doors, preventing any slamming. The deactivation switch for smaller or lighter doors is a thoughtful feature.

Installation is straightforward with the included screws and mounting plates. The hinges also offer depth adjustment, a feature that facilitates perfect door alignment.

While slightly more expensive than some alternatives, the Blum Compact Soft-Close hinges offer outstanding durability and functionality, making them worth every penny.

2. DecoBasics Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges

DecoBasics Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges

DecoBasics presents an affordable yet high-quality option with its Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges. These hinges are made of solid metal and come with a satin nickel finish that offers a clean and modern look.

The full overlay design provides a sleek appearance, as the hinge is nearly invisible when the cabinet door is closed. The self-closing feature is an added advantage, ensuring the doors close securely every time.

Installation is a breeze with the provided screws and instructions. Despite their lower price point, these hinges are praised for their durability and quiet operation.

3. Amerock BP2811J23-14 Matrix Concealed Hinge

Amerock BP2811J23-14 Matrix Concealed Hinge

The Amerock BP2811J23-14 Matrix Concealed Hinge is a premium offering that stands out for its combination of innovative design and robust construction. These hinges are made from heavy-duty steel with a nickel finish, promising longevity and consistent performance.

The concealed design ensures a clean, seamless look, while the two-tiered adjustment system allows for precise door alignment. The self-closing feature adds to the convenience, ensuring the cabinet doors close securely and quietly.

Although the Amerock Matrix hinges fall on the pricier side, their exceptional quality and the brand's reputation for excellent customer service make them a worthy investment.

4. Probrico Soft Close Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges

Probrico Soft Close Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges

Probrico's Soft Close Full Overlay Cabinet Hinges offer an excellent blend of affordability, convenience, and quality. Constructed from solid metal with a brushed nickel finish, these hinges are built to last.

The full overlay design ensures a smooth, seamless look, while the soft-close feature eliminates door slamming and reduces noise. The hinges are adjustable, allowing for perfect door alignment.

The installation process is simple and all the necessary hardware is included. Customers appreciate the Probrico hinges for their impressive performance, durable construction, and reasonable price.

5. European 110 Degree Soft Close Full Overlay Hinge by SILVERLINE

European 110 Degree Soft Close Full Overlay Hinge by SILVERLINE

SILVERLINE's European 110 Degree Soft Close Full Overlay Hinges are a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. Made from robust metal with a nickel-plated finish, these hinges are designed to withstand heavy use.

The soft-close mechanism ensures a smooth and silent operation, while the full overlay design offers a sleek appearance. Another notable feature is the three-dimensional adjustment, allowing for a perfect alignment of the cabinet doors.

Installation is relatively easy with the included screws and instructions. Despite their high-end features, SILVERLINE's hinges are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money.


In conclusion, choosing the right cabinet hinges involves striking a balance between aesthetics, functionality, durability, and cost. The year 2023 brings a plethora of high-quality hinges that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for the premium soft-close feature of Blum and SILVERLINE, the affordability of DecoBasics and Probrico, or the brand reputation and customer service of Amerock, there's something for everyone.