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Best Door Latches

When it comes to ensuring the safety and privacy of your home, office, or any other space, door latches play a significant role. They secure your doors and, by extension, your property and loved ones. But with the countless door latch options available in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task. This guide will help simplify your decision-making process by detailing the key factors to consider when buying a door latch.

Type of Door Latch

There are several types of door latches, each with its unique features and suitability for different door types:

  • Deadbolt Latches: Deadbolt latches are highly secure and are often used for exterior doors. They come in single-cylinder and double-cylinder versions. The former can be unlocked from the inside with a thumb turn and from the outside with a key. The latter requires a key for both inside and outside unlocking.
  • Spring Latches: Spring latches, also known as slip bolt latches, are spring-loaded and lock automatically when the door is closed. They are relatively easy to use and install but provide less security than deadbolts.
  • Cam Latches: Cam latches feature a base and a cam, the piece that does the actual latching. They are versatile, used in various applications from cabinets to industrial equipment.

Key Factors to Consider

  • Material and Durability: Door latches come in different materials, including brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. Your choice should be based on the durability and resistance to wear and tear. For instance, stainless steel and brass are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for exterior doors exposed to weather elements.
  • Security Level: The level of security a latch provides should be a primary consideration. Deadbolt latches generally offer high security and are resistant to picking and forced entry. On the other hand, spring and cam latches are more suited for interior doors where high security is not a necessity.
  • Ease of Installation: Some door latches can be installed using basic tools like screwdrivers, while others may require professional installation. Consider your handyman skills and willingness to hire a professional when choosing a door latch.
  • Size and Style: The size and style of the door latch should match your door. Measure the thickness of your door and the existing hole's size before buying a door latch. Also, consider the aesthetic appeal of the latch – it should complement your door and the overall interior or exterior décor.
  • Price: Like any other product, the price of door latches varies widely based on their type, material, brand, and other features. Determine your budget beforehand and consider the value the latch offers, not just the cost. Remember, a high price does not always guarantee high quality.
  • Keyless or Keyed: Keyless latches use mechanisms like codes, fingerprints, or Bluetooth to unlock, offering convenience and eliminating the risk of losing keys. Keyed latches, on the other hand, use traditional keys for unlocking.
  • Warranty: A warranty can be a reflection of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you're covered should the latch have defects or fail prematurely.

Top 5 Best Door Latches 2023:

1. Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt tops our list for several reasons. Its robust, Grade 1 security rating (the highest residential rating from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association), ensures superior protection. The Snap & Stay technology makes the installation process a breeze. Its sleek satin nickel finish will blend seamlessly with your home décor.

The deadbolt is pick- and bump-resistant, providing a high level of security. Its adjustable backset fits most standard door preparations. The only downside could be the price, which is slightly on the higher side. But considering the overall performance and durability, it's worth the investment.

2. Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Kwikset 660 is a cost-effective option without compromising on security. This single cylinder deadbolt is ANSI Grade 3 certified and features the SmartKey Security re-key technology, which lets you re-key the lock yourself in seconds.

Its satin chrome finish gives it a sleek and modern look. The Kwikset 660 fits all standard door preparations. The installation process is straightforward, with detailed instructions provided. On the downside, the security is not as high as some other options on this list.

3. Baldwin Prestige 380

Baldwin Prestige 380

The Baldwin Prestige 380 is an excellent choice for those who prioritize aesthetics along with security. This deadbolt features a low-profile cylinder projection and a crisp, clean appearance. It's available in several finishes, including Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.

The latch features Advanced SmartKey technology with re-key capabilities and BumpGuard to protect against lock bumping. It's ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified, indicating a good level of residential security. The installation process is easy, thanks to the clear instructions provided. However, its price is on the higher side, which might not suit budget-conscious buyers.

4. Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Lock Set

Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Lock Set

If you're looking for a vintage touch, consider the Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Lock Set. This latch is perfect for older homes and fits 1-3/4 in. thick doors. The set includes two brass-plated keys and all installation hardware.

The lock body is constructed from heavy-duty steel. The knobs are made from diecast and come with a classic bronze finish. Although the vintage design might not appeal to everyone, it's a great choice for those looking for a touch of tradition. Also, the installation might be a bit complex if you're not used to mortise lock sets.

5. Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Door Handle

Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Door Handle

The Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Door Handle is a stylish and affordable option. The latch fits all standard door preparations and features a lever that's easy to use, making it a great pick for homes with elderly people or kids.

Its iron black finish gives it a modern and elegant appearance. The door handle and deadbolt lock feature a reversible handle that makes it suitable for both right- and left-handed doors. The package includes two keys, all necessary screws, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. However, it's worth noting that this latch is not as secure as some of the deadbolt options on this list.


Choosing the right door latch depends on your specific needs and budget. If security is your primary concern, the Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt or the Baldwin Prestige 380 would be excellent choices. For those on a budget, the Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt offers decent security at a lower price. The Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Lock Set is perfect for those looking for a vintage touch, while the Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Door Handle offers a balance of style, ease of use, and affordability.

Remember that while a good door latch is essential for home security, it should be part of an overall home security strategy that might include other measures like security cameras, alarm systems, and smart home devices.