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Best Chainsaw Cases

When it comes to maintaining your chainsaw in top shape, a high-quality chainsaw case is a must-have. It provides protection, extends the life of your tool, and makes transportation a breeze. But with a multitude of options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. We have taken the time to review some of the best chainsaw cases in 2023 to assist you in making an informed choice.

Why Do You Need a Chainsaw Case?

  • Safety: Chainsaws are sharp, powerful tools that can cause severe injuries if not handled properly. A chainsaw case can keep you and those around you safe by preventing accidental contact with the chainsaw's sharp chain.
  • Protection: Chainsaws are expensive equipment that can be damaged by impact or exposure to harsh elements. A case shields your chainsaw from these factors, extending its life.
  • Mobility: A chainsaw case makes it easier to transport your chainsaw, whether you're moving around your property or traveling to a job site.
  • Organization: Some chainsaw cases feature compartments or pouches for storing accessories like oil, spare chains, and tools, keeping everything you need in one place.

What to Look for in a Chainsaw Case?

Size and Fit

First and foremost, the chainsaw case must fit your chainsaw. Chainsaws come in different sizes, so it's essential to check the dimensions of both the chainsaw and the case. The chainsaw must fit snugly inside the case with minimal movement.


Chainsaw cases can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and fabric. Each material has its pros and cons:

  • Plastic: Plastic cases are lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather. On the downside, they can crack under severe impact.
  • Metal: Metal cases are incredibly sturdy and can withstand rough handling. However, they are heavy and can rust if not properly maintained.
  • Fabric: Fabric cases, often made from canvas or nylon, are light and easy to carry. They are often cheaper but provide less protection against impact and are not as weather-resistant as plastic or metal cases.


The case should be durable enough to withstand rough handling and harsh weather conditions. Hard cases offer better protection, but they may be heavier. Soft cases are more lightweight, but they should have strong stitching and quality zippers to ensure longevity.


If you have chainsaw accessories like chains, sharpening tools, or oils, consider a case with compartments to organize them.


If you need to leave your chainsaw unattended, a case with a lock can provide an extra layer of security.


Consider your budget when choosing a chainsaw case. While more expensive cases often offer better quality and durability, there are affordable options that still provide excellent protection.

Top Chainsaw Cases

Here are some examples of chainsaw cases, each with unique features:

1. Husqvarna Powerbox Chainsaw Case

Husqvarna Powerbox Chainsaw Case

Husqvarna, known for their world-class chainsaws, also offer a top-notch chainsaw case, the Powerbox. The case is durable, offering excellent protection with its double-wall construction. It fits most chainsaws up to 20" in length and has a removable scabbard for easy cleaning.

The Powerbox also comes with an integrated tool holder for convenient storage of files, wrenches, and other essentials. Despite its sturdy build, it's relatively lightweight, making it easy to carry around. One downside is its lack of a lock, but considering its overall quality and utility, it’s a minor inconvenience.

  • Pros: Durable, integrated tool holder, fits most chainsaws
  • Cons: No lock

2. Echo ToughChest Chainsaw Case

Echo ToughChest Chainsaw Case

Echo’s ToughChest is another high-quality case, specifically designed to fit all Echo chainsaws with bar lengths up to 20". Its rugged construction ensures your chainsaw is protected, and the stacking design allows for efficient storage.

The case has a recessed handle, making it comfortable to carry. It also comes with a scabbard for the bar and chain. The only drawback we found is that it might not fit chainsaws from other brands perfectly.

  • Pros: Rugged construction, comfortable handle, designed for Echo chainsaws
  • Cons: May not fit other brands

3. Stihl Woodsman Chainsaw Carrying Case

Stihl Woodsman Chainsaw Carrying Case

Stihl is a well-known name in the chainsaw industry, and their Woodsman Carrying Case lives up to their reputation. Made from heavy-duty materials, it's designed to withstand rough handling and harsh environments.

The Woodsman case can fit chainsaws with bar lengths up to 20". It features a tool compartment, enabling you to store essential tools. Plus, it has a lever lock system for added security. The downside is its premium price tag, but if you're after quality and durability, it's worth every penny.

  • Pros: Heavy-duty, tool compartment, lever lock system
  • Cons: Premium price

4. Poulan Pro Chainsaw Carry Case

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Carry Case

The Poulan Pro Chainsaw Carry Case is a versatile and affordable option. It is designed to fit all Poulan Pro chainsaws and most other chainsaws with bars up to 20".

The case is made from hard plastic, providing decent protection. It has a snap-lock system that is easy to use and ensures the chainsaw is securely stored. It lacks a tool compartment, which might be inconvenient for some users.

  • Pros: Affordable, fits most chainsaws, snap-lock system
  • Cons: No tool compartment

5. Jonsered Chainsaw Carrying Case

Jonsered Chainsaw Carrying Case

The Jonsered Chainsaw Carrying Case is a durable and lightweight option. It fits Jonsered chainsaws with bars up to 20" and most other brands.

The case features a double-wall construction for added durability and an easy-to-use snap-lock system. It doesn't have a tool compartment, but its affordable price and overall quality make it a solid choice for those on a budget.

  • Pros: Durable, fits most chainsaws, affordable
  • Cons: No tool compartment


All of the chainsaw cases reviewed above have their unique features and advantages. The best one for you will depend on your specific needs, including the brand and size of your chainsaw, your budget, and whether you need additional features like a tool compartment or lock system.

The Husqvarna Powerbox offers excellent durability and a convenient tool holder, making it a top pick for professionals. Echo's ToughChest is a robust and comfortable option for Echo chainsaw owners. The Stihl Woodsman is a premium choice with a heavy-duty construction and lever lock system for added security.

For budget-conscious buyers, the Poulan Pro and Jonsered cases offer good value for money. They are both durable and fit most chainsaws, although they lack a tool compartment.

Remember, investing in a good chainsaw case is not just about protecting your tool; it's also about ensuring your safety during transportation and storage. So, choose wisely!