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Best T-Nuts

T-nuts, or tee-nuts, are essential for any DIY enthusiast, woodworker, or metalworker. They allow you to add threads to a wooden piece, providing a sturdy anchor point for bolts. As we aim to provide you with the best advice for your next project, we've reviewed the top T-Nuts available in 2023.

What Are T-Nuts?

T-nuts are a type of internally threaded fastener. They have a flat, round base with a cylindrical barrel, and from the base protrude prongs or teeth. These teeth are driven into a surface to provide a flush, threaded insert. This allows bolts or other threaded parts to be attached from the opposite side.

Why Use T-Nuts?

T-nuts provide a strong, secure connection that is more robust than using screws or nails directly into material such as wood or plastic. By providing internal threads, they allow objects to be securely fastened and easily removed without damaging the base material.

Types of T-Nuts

T-nuts come in various types, each designed for specific applications. Here are the most common ones:

  • Four Prong T-Nuts: These are the most common type. They have four prongs that are hammered into the material. This type is ideal for hardwoods and pressure-treated lumber.
  • Two Prong T-Nuts: These have two prongs and are typically used for softwoods and particle boards. They're less likely to split the material.
  • Propell Nuts: Also known as prong-less T-nuts, these have a unique design that allows them to rotate into the material. They're often used in thin or soft materials.
  • Rivet Nuts: These are for metal applications. They're put into a pre-drilled hole and then expanded to secure them within the hole.

What to Consider When Buying T-Nuts?


T-nuts are typically made from steel, stainless steel, or brass. The choice of material should depend on the project's requirements.

  • Steel T-Nuts: These are strong and affordable, making them ideal for most applications. They can be zinc plated to resist rust.
  • Stainless Steel T-Nuts: These offer superior corrosion resistance and are ideal for outdoor applications or where moisture is present.
  • Brass T-Nuts: Brass is not as strong as steel, but it's resistant to corrosion and has excellent electrical conductivity. It's often used in electrical applications.


T-nuts are available in a wide range of sizes, both for the thread size and the barrel length. The size you choose should match the bolt you're using and the thickness of the material you're fastening.


T-nuts are often sold in bulk quantities, ranging from a few dozen to several hundred. Consider your project needs when determining the number of T-nuts to purchase.

Top 5 Best T-Nuts of 2023:

T-nuts can be found at any hardware store or home improvement center. You can also buy them online from e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and specialist suppliers. Online shopping often provides a more extensive selection of sizes and types.

1. POWERTEC QTN1107 Pronged T-Nuts

POWERTEC QTN1107 Pronged T-Nuts

POWERTEC QTN1107 pronged T-Nuts are a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable, durable solution. Manufactured from high-quality zinc-plated steel, these T-Nuts are resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring longevity. The 4-pronged design provides excellent stability when inserted into wood, reducing the risk of loosening over time.

The sharp prongs bite into the wood, ensuring a secure fit. Available in a range of sizes, from 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16, these T-Nuts are versatile and suitable for many projects.

However, the sharp prongs may split softer woods, making it important to drill an appropriately sized pilot hole. Some users have also noted slight inconsistencies in thread quality, although these appear to be isolated incidents.

2. Glarks 165-Pieces Zinc Plated 4 Pronged T Nuts

Glarks 165-Pieces Zinc Plated 4 Pronged T Nuts

Glarks offers a comprehensive set of 165 T-Nuts in various sizes, promising to cater to every need. The T-Nuts are made from carbon steel and are zinc-plated, providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance. The prongs are sharp and sturdy, ensuring a tight grip when inserted into the wood.

The set includes six popular sizes (M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, and M10), making it a versatile choice for all types of jobs. However, the lack of size labeling on the packaging can make identification difficult. The T-Nuts are all mixed together in one bag, which can be inconvenient.

3. BinifiMux 50pcs 1/4"-20 T Nuts

BinifiMux 50pcs T Nuts

binifiMux offers a pack of 50 T-Nuts, all of the same size (1/4"-20). The T-Nuts are made from carbon steel and have a zinc-plated finish for corrosion resistance. The 4-pronged design ensures a sturdy, secure fit when inserted into wood.

While the lack of size variety may be a disadvantage for some, others may appreciate the simplicity of having only one size. The quality of these T-Nuts is consistently high, with users praising their durability and ease of use.

4. Hilitchi 165pcs Mixed Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Rivet Nut

Hilitchi 165pcs Mixed Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Rivet Nut

For those seeking a more versatile solution, the Hilitchi mixed carbon steel rivet nut set could be an excellent choice. While not strictly T-Nuts, these rivet nuts function in a similar way, providing a threaded insert for wood or metal.

The set includes a wide range of sizes (M3 to M12) and comes with a handy storage box for easy organization. The rivet nuts are made from carbon steel and zinc-plated for durability and corrosion resistance.

The advantage of rivet nuts is their ability to be used in thin materials where a T-Nut may not be suitable. However, they require a special tool for installation, adding to the overall cost.

5. EZ-Lok Threaded Inserts

EZ-Lok Threaded Inserts

EZ-Lok threaded inserts are a unique solution for adding threads to wood. Rather than a traditional T-Nut design, these inserts screw directly into the wood, providing a sturdy, secure anchor point for bolts.

Manufactured from brass or stainless steel, these inserts offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance. They're available in a wide range of sizes, making them a versatile solution for many projects.

However, these inserts require a precise hole size, and the installation can be more difficult than with traditional T-Nuts. Despite this, they offer a strong, permanent solution that can be preferable in certain applications.

How to Install T-Nuts?

T-nuts are easy to install:

  • Drill a hole in the material where you want to install the T-nut.
  • Place the T-nut on the hole, making sure the prongs are facing towards the material.
  • Hammer the T-nut into the material. The prongs will grip the material and hold the T-nut in place.
  • You can now screw a bolt or other threaded object into the T-nut from the other side.


Choosing the right T-Nuts for your project is crucial. POWERTEC QTN1107 pronged T-Nuts are a solid choice, offering excellent durability and a range of sizes. For a versatile set, Glarks' 165-piece set is a great option, while binifiMux’s 50-piece set is perfect for those needing large quantities of a single size. Hilitchi's mixed rivet nut set offers versatility and ease of organization, while EZ-Lok threaded inserts provide a unique solution for challenging applications.

Remember to consider the material you're working with, the sizes you need, and the nature of your project when choosing your T-Nuts. By doing so, you'll ensure a secure, durable result every time.