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Best Screws

In this review, we will delve into the world of screws, an essential part of any toolbox. The year 2023 has brought several innovations and upgrades in the field of fasteners. Here, we will be looking at the best screws that have made their mark in 2023. We will compare the performance, durability, and overall value of these screws to help you find the suitable one for your needs.

Understanding Screw Basics

A screw is a type of fastener characterized by a helical ridge, known as a thread. They are used to fasten materials by digging in and wedging into a material when turned. Screws have a head on one end that allows them to be driven (e.g., with a screwdriver) and a pointed tip on the other end.

Parts of a Screw

  • Head: The top of the screw where the driving tool (screwdriver, drill, etc.) is applied.
  • Drive: The type of recess on the head where the driving tool fits.
  • Shank: The long, cylindrical part of the screw.
  • Thread: The helical structure winding around the shank, enabling the screw to be driven into material.
  • Point: The sharp end that helps the screw get started in the material.

Different Types of Screws

Let's delve into the different types of screws available in the market, each with a unique function and purpose.

  • Wood Screws: Wood screws are probably the most commonly used screws. They feature a pointed end and a smooth shank near the head, which keeps the wood from splitting.
  • Machine Screws: These screws are used to hold together parts of machines, appliances, and electronic equipment. They are typically driven into tapped or pre-drilled holes.
  • Sheet Metal Screws: These screws have sharp threads that can cut into sheet metal, plastic, or wood.
  • Drywall Screws: Drywall screws have a bugle head that can drive through drywall without tearing it. They are designed to secure drywall to wood or metal surfaces.
  • Masonry Screws: These screws are used for fastening items to masonry or concrete. They have high tensile strength and are often coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Deck Screws: Deck screws are used for outdoor construction applications, such as building decks and fences. They are typically coated or made from stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Screw Materials and Coatings

Different materials and coatings are used for screws to increase their durability, corrosion resistance, and overall performance. Here are a few common ones:

  • Steel Screws: Steel is a common screw material due to its strength and cost-effectiveness. However, it is prone to rust.
  • Stainless Steel Screws: Stainless steel screws are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Brass Screws: Brass screws are often used in woodworking for their aesthetic appeal. They are softer than steel and can be more easily damaged.
  • Zinc-Coated Screws: Zinc coating provides a moderate level of corrosion resistance to steel screws.
  • Galvanized Screws: Galvanization is a process where a protective zinc layer is applied to a screw to prevent rusting. These screws are often used in outdoor applications.

Choosing the Right Screw for the Job

When selecting a screw, consider the following factors:

  • Material to be fastened: Different materials require different types of screws. For instance, wood screws for wood, machine screws for metal, and masonry screws for concrete or brick.
  • Environment: If the screw will be exposed to moisture, choose stainless steel, galvanized, or another type of corrosion-resistant screw.
  • Load Requirement: The screw's size and strength should be proportionate to the load it will bear.
  • Aesthetics: If the screw will be visible in the finished project, consider its appearance. Brass or stainless steel screws, for instance, might be preferred for their look.

Top 5 Best Screws of 2023:

1. Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Grip-Rite has always been a renowned name in the world of fasteners and their PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Deck Screws are no exception. They are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring superior rust and corrosion resistance. The Type-17 point provides quick start and reduces need for pre-drilling in most materials. They are perfect for outdoor construction, where durability and strength are key.

The PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Screws come with a lifetime guarantee against rust. Their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance make them a reliable choice for deck building and outdoor construction projects. The screws come with a T-25 star-drive head that ensures good torque and reduces chances of stripping, further enhancing their usability.

2. Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

The Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit is a versatile collection of screws that cater to a range of needs. This kit contains a variety of the most commonly used Kreg Screws, from 1-inch, for 1/2-inch thick material, through 2-1/2-inch screws for 1-1/2-inch material.

Each screw in the kit features a deep #2 square drive, which helps in preventing cam-out. Moreover, the self-tapping tip drills its own hole without splitting or cracking the wood. The screws come in a durable, easy-to-carry case that is perfect for projects on the go.

3. Hillman Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screws

Hillman Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screws

The Hillman Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screws are designed for use with all types of wood, including hardwood, softwood, and pressure-treated lumber. They are made with a proprietary multi-layer corrosion-resistant plating that prevents rusting, even in harsh outdoor environments.

The screws feature a star drive style for improved engagement with the drive tool, reducing the likelihood of stripped screws or damaged work surfaces. The no-strip star drive, countersinking blades, and split point make these screws a great choice for your exterior wood projects.

4. SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws

SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws

SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws are German-engineered and made in the USA. The screws are designed to work with a wide range of materials, including wood, masonry, sheet metal, plastic, and more. The patented MULTIhead design features ribbing to reduce the chance of stripping, while the T-STAR Plus drive offers superior bit fit to eliminate camming out.

One of the unique features of SPAX screws is the 4CUT Point. This design allows the screw to effectively cut and displace material without pre-drilling, reducing splitting and making the job easier.

5. GRK R4 Multi-Purpose Screws

GRK R4 Multi-Purpose Screws

GRK's R4 Multi-Purpose Screws are known for their exceptional versatility and strength. They are made from case-hardened steel, which provides high tensile, torque, and shear strength. The sharp threads and points bite instantly into material, reducing the splitting effect due to smaller shanks.

These screws feature a W-Cut thread design which reduces installation torque and a Zip-Tip design for a no pre-drilling, faster penetration. With a Climatek coating, they are designed to resist corrosion in both ACQ and salt spray conditions.

How to Use Screws Properly

Using the right screw is only half the battle. Here are some tips to ensure you're using them correctly:

  • Pre-drill holes: This helps prevent the material from splitting, especially when working with wood.
  • Use the right driver: Match the screw head with the correct driver to prevent strippingthe screw head.
  • Don't over-tighten: Over-tightening can strip the screw hole or damage the screw.
  • Use the right length: Ensure the screw is long enough to secure the materials together but not so long that it goes through the material.


Each screw on this list has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all five represent the best the market has to offer in 2023. The Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Deck Screws are a great choice for outdoor construction due to their exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. The Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit provides a wide range of options and is perfect for woodworking projects. The Hillman Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screws are a reliable choice for all types of wood. SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws are versatile and can be used with a wide range of materials. Finally, the GRK R4 Multi-Purpose Screws provide excellent strength and durability for a variety of applications.

In the end, the best screw for you will depend on your specific needs, the materials you're working with, and the type of project you're undertaking. We hope this review helps you find the perfect screw for your project.