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Best Corded Chainsaws

Chainsaws are an essential tool for anyone who needs to cut through thick pieces of wood, whether it's for tree trimming, yard maintenance, or other heavy-duty tasks. While gas-powered chainsaws are commonly used, corded electric chainsaws are gaining popularity due to their less noisy operation, lower maintenance, and environmental friendliness. In this article, we will review some of the best corded chainsaws available in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Corded Chainsaw

  • Power: The power of a chainsaw is typically measured in amps. For corded chainsaws, this usually ranges from 8 to 15 amps. The higher the number, the more powerful the chainsaw. More powerful chainsaws can cut through thicker and harder woods more easily, but they're also typically heavier and more expensive.
  • Bar Length: The bar length of a chainsaw refers to the length of the cutting area. Longer bars can cut through thicker trees and branches, but they also make the chainsaw heavier and harder to control. For most homeowners, a bar length of 14 to 16 inches should be adequate.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount when using a chainsaw. Look for features like an automatic chain brake, which stops the chain if the chainsaw kicks back, and a chain catch, which protects the user if the chain breaks or jumps off the guide bar. Other useful safety features include a handguard to protect your hand from flying debris and a safety switch to prevent accidental startups.
  • Weight and Ergonomics: Given the nature of work done with a chainsaw, it's important to consider the weight and design of the tool. A chainsaw that is too heavy can cause fatigue and increase the risk of accidents. Look for a chainsaw with ergonomic handles, anti-vibration features, and a weight that you're comfortable handling.
  • Maintenance: Corded chainsaws typically require less maintenance than gas chainsaws, but they still need regular care. Look for a chainsaw with an automatic oiler to keep the chain lubricated and a tool-free chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.

Our Top Picks:

1. Makita UC4051A

Makita UC4051A

  • Blade diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Max cutting depth (90 degrees): 2-5/8 inches
  • Max cutting depth (45 degrees): 1-3/4 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 47 degrees
  • No load speed: 5,200 rpm
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Watts: 1,340 W
  • Blade type: Carbide tipped

The Makita UC4051A is a powerful electric chainsaw that delivers performance comparable to many gas-powered models. It boasts a 16-inch bar, equipped with a 14.5-amp motor that provides plenty of power for most homeowner tasks. Its tool-less blade and chain adjustments make it easy to operate and maintain, and the large oil reservoir with view window allows for easy bar oil level checks.

The soft-start feature ensures a smooth start-up, and the rubberized grip handles provide comfort during extended use. The built-in current limiter helps protect the motor from burnout by reducing power when the saw is overloaded. However, its weight (around 14 lbs) might be a little heavy for some users.

2. Worx WG303.1

Worx WG303.1

  • Blade diameter: 5-1/2 inches
  • Max cutting depth (90 degrees): 1-13/16 inches
  • Max cutting depth (45 degrees): 1-1/2 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 50 degrees
  • No load speed: 3,500 rpm
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Battery type: Lithium ion
  • Battery run time: Up to 65 cuts per charge on a 4.0Ah battery

The Worx WG303.1 is an affordable choice for homeowners looking for a reliable, light-duty chainsaw. This 14.5-amp model comes with a 16-inch bar and a patented auto-tension chain system that extends the life of the bar and chain by preventing over-tightening.

The chainsaw also includes a built-in chain brake for safety, which stops the chain in seconds when improper contact is made. The automatic oil lubrication and oil level indicator further add to its user-friendliness. The WG303.1 is lightweight at 11 pounds, making it a good option for those who need a chainsaw for occasional use or smaller jobs.

3. DeWalt DCCS620B

DeWalt DCCS620B

  • Blade diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Max cutting depth (90 degrees): 2-5/8 inches
  • Max cutting depth (45 degrees): 1-15/16 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 48 degrees
  • No load speed: 5,300 rpm
  • Voltage: 20V MAX
  • Watts: 610 W
  • Battery run time: Up to 75 cuts per charge on a 4.0Ah battery

The DeWalt DCCS620B is a compact and efficient chainsaw that is perfect for construction and outdoor cutting applications. It features a 12-inch bar and is powered by a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, providing the convenience of cordless operation with the power of a corded tool.

One of the outstanding features of this model is its tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knobwhich make adjustments quick and easy. The high-efficiency brushless motor maximizes runtime and motor life. While it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty tasks, it's perfect for smaller jobs and tight spaces due to its compact size and light weight (8.8 lbs).

4. Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500

  • Blade diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Max cutting depth (90 degrees): 2-5/8 inches
  • Max cutting depth (45 degrees): 2 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 48 degrees
  • No load speed: 4,700 rpm
  • Motor: universal; 15 amp
  • Voltage and Hz options: 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz

The Oregon CS1500 stands out with a unique self-sharpening system. This 15-amp chainsaw with an 18-inch bar has a built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening system that allows you to sharpen the chain in seconds, reducing downtime significantly.

The CS1500 also features tool-less chain tensioning, an ergonomic design with a balanced weight distribution, and a quiet, low-vibration operation. The automatic oiler delivers lubrication whenever needed, while the transparent oil level window helps you keep track of the oil level. Despite its powerful motor and long bar, the chainsaw is quite heavy (around 18 lbs), which can be a drawback for some users.



  • Blade diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Max cut depth 90 degrees: 2-5/8 inches
  • Max cut depth 45 degrees: 1-7/8 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 45 degrees
  • No load speed: 5,500 rpm
  • Voltage: 120 volts, 60 Hz
  • Amps: 11 amps
  • Weight: 7.78 lbs

The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 is a user-friendly chainsaw with an 18-inch bar and a powerful 15-amp motor, suitable for larger cuttings. The automatic oiling system ensures constant lubrication of the bar and chain, while the tool-free chain tensioning allows for quick and easy chain adjustments.

This chainsaw also features a chain break for safety during kickback situations. Its clear window allows you to gauge the oil level, and the full-wrap around handle provides comfort during long cutting tasks. However, some users have reported that it is relatively heavy (12 lbs) and can leak oil during storage.

6. Greenworks 20232

Greenworks 20232

  • Blade diameter: 12 inches
  • Max cutting depth (90 degrees): 3-1/8 inches
  • Max cutting depth (45 degrees): 2-7/16 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0 to 50 degrees
  • No load speed: 3,600 rpm
  • Voltage: 40V
  • Battery run time: Up to 140 cuts per charge on two 6.0Ah batteries
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs. (without batteries)

The Greenworks 20232 is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly chainsaw with a 12-amp motor and a 16-inch bar. This lightweight (8 lbs) chainsaw is ideal for trimming branches, cutting firewood, and handling other small to medium tasks.

It features tool-less chain tensioning, an automatic oiler, and a translucent oil tank for easy monitoring of the oil level. The wrap-around handle provides comfort and control during use. However, it may not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks due to its lower power motor.


Choosing the right corded chainsaw largely depends on your specific needs. If you're looking for a chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks, the Makita UC4051A or the Oregon CS1500 could be a great choice due to their powerful motors and long bars. For lighter tasks or occasional use, the Worx WG303.1 and Greenworks 20232 offer great value for their price. The DeWalt DCCS620B stands out for its portability and the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 for its user-friendliness.

Remember, safety should always be a priority when using chainsaws. Always read the user manual thoroughly and wear appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy footwear.