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Ryobi 40V Battery

As we continue to embrace the shift towards renewable energy and eco-friendly technology, the power tools industry is not being left behind. Ryobi, a trustworthy name in the garden and power tools arena, has been at the forefront of this transition with their 40V power tools line. In this review, we will be focusing on their 2023 model of the Ryobi 40V Battery.

Why Choose Ryobi 40V Battery

Design and Build

Right out of the box, the Ryobi 40V Battery 2023 model impresses with its robust and ergonomic design. The battery has a hard plastic body that is both sturdy and durable, a key requirement for power tools that are often used in rough and tough conditions. The battery snaps into and out of the tools with ease, and the release button is large and comfortable to use.

Power and Performance

The Ryobi 40V Battery 2023 model has a 40-volt output and comes with a choice of 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0 Ah. The 6.0 Ah version, which we tested, provides a significant power boost, making it suitable for larger gardens or more robust power tools. From lawnmowers to leaf blowers and chainsaws, the battery provides a reliable flow of power that lasts.

The battery performance is exceptional, and the power delivery is smooth and consistent throughout its usage. It is worth noting that the Ryobi 40V Battery 2023 model has an onboard battery life indicator. This handy feature allows you to keep an eye on your battery levels, ensuring you're never caught off guard with a drained battery.

Charging and Runtime

The runtime of a battery is a critical factor for any power tool user. The Ryobi 40V Battery 2023 model delivers well on this front. The 6.0 Ah version can power a lawnmower for up to an hour on a single charge. This duration varies depending on the tool and the intensity of the work, but in general, the battery provides ample runtime for most garden tasks.

The battery comes with a fast charger that recharges it in less than two hours. This fast charging feature is a significant advantage, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, especially for commercial users who can't afford to lose precious work hours waiting for a battery to recharge.


One of the standout features of the Ryobi 40V Battery 2023 model is its compatibility with all Ryobi 40V tools. This interchangeability is a significant plus for users who have multiple Ryobi tools. With one or two of these batteries, you can power an entire collection of tools, making it a cost-effective solution.


Ryobi's commitment to sustainability is evident in their 40V line of tools. By providing high-quality rechargeable batteries, Ryobi is actively reducing the carbon footprint of their tools. Furthermore, the battery is built for longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

3 Common Model For Your Tools

1. Ryobi 40V 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (OP40601)

Ryobi 40V 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (OP40601)

The OP40601 is Ryobi's flagship model in their 40V battery line. It boasts a substantial 6.0 Ah capacity, providing extended run-times for Ryobi's 40V tools.

  • Features: This battery comes equipped with a built-in fuel gauge, allowing users to quickly check their power level at any time. It's also compatible with all Ryobi 40V lithium tools and chargers, ensuring you can power your entire Ryobi tool collection with just one type of battery.
  • Performance: In terms of performance, the 6.0 Ah battery offers impressive run times. For example, when used with the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw, it provides up to two hours of continuous cutting. For less power-demanding tools like the Ryobi 40V string trimmer, you could expect even longer run times.
  • User Reviews: Users have praised the OP40601 for its high capacity, long run-times, and overall durability. Some users have noted that it can be a bit heavy, but this is a common trade-off for high-capacity batteries.

2. Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (OP4040)

Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (OP4040)

The OP4040 is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the 6.0 Ah battery, making it a more comfortable choice for prolonged use.

  • Features: The OP4040 shares many of the same features as the OP40601, including the built-in fuel gauge and compatibility with all Ryobi 40V lithium tools and chargers.
  • Performance: While the 4.0 Ah battery offers slightly shorter run-times compared to the 6.0 Ah version, it still provides ample power for most tasks. When used with the Ryobi 40V blower, for instance, users can expect up to one hour of continuous operation.
  • User Reviews: Users have generally been pleased with the OP4040, noting that it provides a good balance of weight and power. Some users have also commented that it charges quickly and holds a charge well, even when not in use.

3. Ryobi 40V 2.6 Ah Lithium-Ion Compact Battery (OP4026A)

Ryobi 40V 2.6 Ah Lithium-Ion Compact Battery (OP4026A)

The OP4026A is the compact option in Ryobi's 40V battery line. It's perfect for those who value lightweight design and ease of handling.

  • Features: Despite its smaller size, the OP4026A comes with the same built-in fuel gauge and compatibility features as the other 40V batteries. It's also designed with overmolded edges for impact protection, making it a durable choice.
  • Performance: With its 2.6 Ah capacity, the OP4026A is suitable for shorter tasks or for tools that don't require as much power. For example, it's a suitable choice for the Ryobi 40V hedge trimmer or the 40V string trimmer.
  • User Reviews: The OP4026A is often praised for its lightweight design and ease of use. Users have noted that it's perfect for shorter tasks, and it's especially useful for those who may struggle with the weight of larger batteries.


Ryobi's 40V battery line offers a great range of options to cater for different power needs and tool types. Whether you're after extended run times, a good balance of power and weight, or a lightweight option for shorter tasks, there's a Ryobi 40V battery that's right for you.

Remember to consider your specific needs when choosing a battery. For tasks that require extended run times, such as cutting or blowing leaves, the 6.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah batteries would be suitable. However, for lighter tasks or for those who prefer a lighter battery, the 2.6 Ah battery would be ideal.

In conclusion, Ryobi continues to uphold its reputation for high-quality, durable power tool batteries with their 2023 line of 40V batteries. Each model offers its unique advantages, which means you're sure to find a battery that fits your needs perfectly.