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DeWalt 20-Volt Max Battery

The DeWalt 20-Volt Max series of batteries are an integral part of the DeWalt cordless tool lineup, providing the power necessary for everything from drills and impact drivers to circular saws and reciprocating saws. If you're considering a purchase, it's important to know your options and understand what to look for. This guide will provide you with detailed information on choosing the right DeWalt 20-Volt Max battery for your needs.

Basics of DeWalt's 20-Volt Max batteries

DeWalt's 20-Volt Max batteries are part of their extensive line of lithium-ion power tools. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred for their high energy density, long life, and light weight compared to older battery technologies such as NiCad or NiMH.

There are two primary types of DeWalt 20-Volt Max batteries: Compact and XR (Extended Runtime). Compact batteries are smaller and lighter, providing less runtime but making tools easier to handle. XR batteries are larger and provide more runtime, but they also add weight to the tool.

DeWalt batteries are also distinguished by their amp-hour (Ah) rating, which is a measure of the battery's capacity. A higher Ah rating means the battery can deliver more power before needing to be recharged. DeWalt 20-Volt Max batteries come in several different capacities, ranging from 1.3 Ah to 12 Ah.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Needs

When choosing a DeWalt 20-Volt Max battery, consider the following factors:

  • Tool Type: The kind of tool you're powering can greatly influence the type of battery you need. Lighter tools like drills and impact drivers can often get by with smaller, compact batteries. Heavier duty tools like circular saws and reciprocating saws will typically require larger XR batteries to provide enough power and runtime.
  • Runtime: If you're using your tool for extended periods, you'll need a battery with a higher Ah rating to provide longer runtime. Keep in mind, however, that larger batteries also take longer to recharge and add more weight to the tool.
  • Weight and Balance: Smaller batteries are lighter and can help keep your tool balanced, reducing fatigue during prolonged use. Larger batteries provide more runtime but also add weight, which can make the tool feel top-heavy and harder to control.
  • Cost: Larger, higher-capacity batteries are typically more expensive. While they provide more runtime, you may not need that extra capacity if you're only using your tool for short periods. It may be more cost-effective to buy a smaller battery and a spare to swap out as needed.

Caring for Your DeWalt 20-Volt Max Battery

Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your DeWalt battery. Here are some tips:

  • Charge Properly: Always use a DeWalt charger and follow the charging instructions provided in the tool's user manual. Overcharging or undercharging can reduce the battery's lifespan.
  • Store Properly: Store your batteries in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.
  • Avoid Deep Discharge: Lithium-ion batteries last longer if they're not allowed to discharge fully. Try to recharge your battery before it's completely drained.
  • Use Regularly: Batteries that sit unused for long periods can lose capacity. Try to use and charge your batteries regularly to keep them in good condition.

4 Common Models of 2023:

1. DeWalt DCB205 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery

DeWalt DCB205 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery

The DeWalt DCB205 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery delivers excellent run time and power to support professionals who use job-site tools daily. This battery provides really good value compared to its lower capacity counterparts, with enough juice to complete an entire day's worth of work on a single charge.

It holds its charge well when not in use and recharges quickly. While large in size, its lightweight design makes it comfortable to use for extended periods. A fuel gauge button displays remaining charge level accurately. Overall, this high-capacity battery is a workhorse that will not let you down, making it a smart pick for demanding applications.


  • Long Runtime: The 5.0Ah capacity of this battery allows it to provide long and uninterrupted power to your tools.
  • Fast Charging: It charges quickly and retains the charge for an extended period.
  • LED Fuel Gauge: This feature provides immediate feedback on the remaining charge, preventing unexpected downtime.


  • Weight: It's slightly heavier than lower capacity batteries, which may add a bit of weight to your tools.

2. DeWalt DCB204-2 20V Max Premium XR Li-Ion Battery, 2-Pack

DeWalt DCB204-2 20V Max Premium XR Li-Ion Battery, 2-Pack

The DeWalt DCB204-2 20V Max Premium XR Li-Ion Battery 2-Pack allows contractors, handymen and DIYers to work for longer between charges. This set includes two high-quality lithium-ion batteries with a 1.5Ah capacity each, providing enough runtime to complete several jobs on a single charge. The batteries hold their charge well when not in use and charge quickly in the charger.

At a light weight, they're comfortable to use all day. With dual battery slots, you can swap out a depleted battery for a fresh one within seconds to avoid downtime. This 2-pack makes it convenient to always have a charged battery on hand for maximum productivity.


  • Great Value: The twin-pack offers excellent value for money, providing two high-capacity batteries in one package.
  • No Memory and Virtually No Self-Discharge: This ensures maximum productivity and less downtime.
  • 3-LED Fuel Gauge System: Allows immediate feedback on the state of charge.


  • Lesser Capacity: It has a slightly lower capacity (4.0Ah) compared to the DCB205.

3. DeWalt DCB200 20V Max Li-Ion 3.0Ah Battery

DeWalt DCB200 20V Max Li-Ion 3.0Ah Battery

The DeWalt DCB200 battery packs a impressive 3.0Ah capacity into its compact size, providing long runtime for users. Contractors will appreciate its ability to power through entire jobs without needing to recharge. It maintains its charge well when not in use. Triggering the battery's LED fuel gauge gives a clear reading of remaining power levels.

While not the highest capacity available, the DCB200 offers outstanding value for the runtime it provides. Its lightweight design prevents fatigue over long work days. Recharging is rapid, getting batteries ready for the next task quickly. Reliable performance and reasonable cost make this a smart choice battery for DeWalt 20V tool owners.


  • Lightweight: It is lighter compared to higher capacity batteries, which can make handling tools easier.
  • Fast Charging: It charges quickly, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time working.
  • No Memory and Virtually No Self-Discharge: Like the DCB204-2, this battery maintains productivity and reduces downtime.


  • Shorter Runtime: With a 3.0Ah capacity, it offers a shorter runtime compared to the 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah batteries.

4. DeWalt DCB230C 20V Battery Pack

DeWalt DCB230C 20V Battery Pack

The DeWalt DCB230C battery is a high-capacity option delivering strong runtime to power through demanding jobsites. Its 5.0Ah capacity provides sufficient power for whole days of use on a single charge. Maintaining up to 75% of its charge after a year of shelf time shows its reliability. Weighing only 2.2 pounds makes it comfortable to work with for extended periods.

A useful fuel gauge button displays remaining charge accurately. Charging from empty takes about 90 minutes. Its compact size fits well in tool pouches. For contractors needing maximum uptime between charges, this affordable battery successfully delivers long-lasting power and endurance to keep productivity high all day.


  • Compact Design: The battery is compact, allowing for better tool balance and user comfort.
  • Includes Charger: It comes with a charger, making it an excellent value for users needing a new charger.
  • 2X the Capacity of Standard Battery Packs: This offers longer runtime and improved performance.


  • Shorter Runtime: Similar to the DCB200, this battery also has a shorter runtime due to its 3.0Ah capacity.


Choosing the right DeWalt 20V Max battery depends on your specific needs, such as the type of tool you're using and how long you need the tool to run. Higher capacity batteries like the DCB205 offer longer runtime but are heavier, while lower capacity batteries like the DCB200 and DCB230C are lighter but offer a shorter runtime. The DCB204-2 offers a good balance with a decent capacity and the advantage of a two-pack.

Remember, the best battery for you is not necessarily the one with the highest capacity but the one that best suits your work requirements and preferences. Always consider your needs first before making a decision.