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Best Drawer Slides

Whether you're a professional carpenter, a DIY enthusiast, or just looking to update your home furniture, drawer slides are an essential part of any drawer assembly. They can make opening and closing drawers smooth and effortless, improving the overall functionality of your furniture.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the best drawer slides in 2023, based on their functionality, durability, installation ease, and value for money.

Types of Drawer Slides

There are several types of drawer slides available in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Your selection depends on your specific needs, the design of your furniture, and your budget.

  • Side-Mount Slides: These are the most common type of drawer slides. They mount on the side of the drawer and the interior of the cabinet. They are easy to install and adjust but take up some space, reducing the drawer's width.
  • Under-Mount Slides: These slides are mounted under the drawer, making them invisible when the drawer is open. They offer a clean look and full access to the drawer contents. However, they are usually more expensive and require specific drawer dimensions for installation.
  • Center-Mount Slides: These consist of a single slide that mounts under the drawer's center. They are less intrusive than side-mount slides but typically don't support as much weight.
  • Ball-Bearing Slides: These slides use ball bearings to provide a smooth glide. They can be side-mount or under-mount and typically handle more weight than other types.
  • Soft-Close Slides: These slides have a mechanism that slows the drawer before it closes, preventing slamming. They are often used in high-end cabinetry.

Factors to Consider When Buying Drawer Slides

Load Capacity

The load capacity of a drawer slide refers to the maximum weight it can support. It's crucial to consider the intended use of the drawer when determining the required load capacity. For light-duty applications like bedroom drawers or office desks, a load rating of 75 lbs is usually sufficient. For heavy-duty applications like file cabinets or pantry pull-outs, you may need slides with a load rating of 100 lbs or more.


Drawer slides come in three main extensions: 3/4 extension, full extension, and over-travel. 3/4 extension slides allow most of the drawer to be pulled out, leaving about a quarter of it inside the cabinet. Full extension slides allow the drawer to be pulled out completely, providing full access to its contents. Over-travel slides extend beyond the cabinet's front, making it easier to access the drawer's rear contents.

Material and Finish

Most drawer slides are made from steel for durability, but they can come in different finishes like white, black, or zinc to match your cabinetry. Some high-end slides are made from stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for kitchen or bathroom environments.

Mounting Type

The mounting type refers to how the slide is attached to the drawer and the cabinet. Side-mount slides are generally easier to install and adjust, but they take up space inside the drawer. Under-mount slides give a clean look and full drawer access but require specific drawer dimensions. Center-mount slides are less intrusive but not as robust.


Drawer slides come in various lengths to accommodate different drawer depths. It's essential to measure your drawer depth accurately to ensure the slides you buy will fit. The slide length should be the same as the drawer depth in most cases.


Additional features like soft-close or self-close mechanisms can enhance the drawer's functionality. Soft-close slides prevent the drawer from slamming shut, reducing noise and wear. Self-close slides automatically close the drawer when it's pushed partially in.

Our Top Picks of 2023:

1. Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion Drawer Slides

Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion Drawer Slides

These undermount drawer slides from Blum are among the best in the market. They are renowned for their smooth operation, full extension, and silent close functionality thanks to the integrated Blumotion soft-close mechanism.

Crafted from high-grade steel, these slides are not only durable but also support up to 100 lbs, making them suitable for heavy-duty drawers. They are available in different lengths. However, their installation can be a bit tricky for novices.

2. Promark Full Extension Drawer Slides

Promark Full Extension Drawer Slides

Promark's drawer slides provide exceptional value for money. They offer full-extension functionality, which means you can fully open your drawers for easy access to their contents.

Constructed from cold-rolled steel, these slides are durable and reliable. They can support up to 100 lbs of weight, sufficient for most home and office needs. Installation is relatively easy with the included screws and instructions.

3. Liberty D80616C-ZP-W Bottom Mount Drawer Slide

Liberty D80616C-ZP-W Bottom Mount Drawer Slide

Liberty Hardware's D80616C-ZP-W is an excellent choice for those seeking budget-friendly bottom mount slides. They offer a smooth operation and are rated for a moderate weight capacity of 50 lbs.

Although they don't offer a full extension, the three-quarter extension provides ample accessibility. Installation is straightforward, and they come with all necessary mounting hardware.

4. LONTAN Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

LONTAN Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

LONTAN's drawer slides stand out for their superior weight capacity of 150 lbs, making them perfect for heavy-duty applications. They are full-extension slides, ensuring maximum accessibility.

These slides feature ball-bearing technology that delivers a smooth and quiet operation. Installation is straightforward, but the heavier weight capacity means you'll need to ensure your drawer construction can handle the load.

5. Knape & Vogt Soft-Close Drawer Slides

Knape & Vogt Soft-Close Drawer Slides

Knape & Vogt's slides are a bit pricier, but the quality justifies the cost. They feature a soft-close mechanism that ensures your drawers close silently and smoothly, preventing any damage from slamming.

These slides are made of high-quality steel and have a weight capacity of 75 lbs. They offer a full extension, and installation is relatively easy with the detailed instructions provided.

6. Accuride 3832C Full Extension Slide

Accuride 3832C Full Extension Slide

Accuride's 3832C slides are a premium option that offers reliable performance. With a full-extension design and a load capacity of 100 lbs, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

These slides feature a lever disconnect for easy drawer removal and a hold-in detent that ensures your drawers stay closed until you want them open. While the installation might be slightly complex for beginners, the high-quality performance is worth the effort.


Choosing the right drawer slides can significantly improve your drawer's functionality and longevity. While all the options listed here are excellent choices, the best one for you will depend on your specific needs, including the weight capacity, extension type, and your budget.

Remember to measure your drawers accurately before purchasing to ensure the slides will fit properly. Also, consider the installation process and whether you have the necessary skills or would prefer a professional to handle it.