10pcs 2.1mm to 3.0mm PCB Drill Bit Set
10pcs 2.1mm to 3.0mm PCB Drill Bit Set Details
10pcs 2.1mm to 3.0mm PCB Drill Bit Set 2.1-3.0mm
10pcs 2.1mm to 3.0mm PCB Drill Bit Set with box

10pcs 2.1mm to 3.0mm PCB Drill Bit Set

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PCB Drill Bit Set for CNC Machine

High-quality PCB Drill Bits, Great for PC Boards, Plastics, Fiberglass, Wood, Soft Metals, etc.

Carbide rods and tungsten steel rods, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, anti-impairment and long tool life.

Well packaged, has foam to protect cutting tips. Pretty standard in quality, they are rather fragile, most things under an mm in diameter would be. Great selection of sizes. These would work great in a drill press or CNC of some sort drilling tiny holes in circuit boards. Go well with Dremel tool. Perfect for drilling small holes into metal, glass, jewelry stones.

The color-coded collar makes it easy to pick up when it’s on a flat surface. These are very sharp and precision drill bits.

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  • 10pcs PCB drill bits set
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  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Shank Dia: 3.175mm(1/8'')
  • Overall Length: 38mm
  • Size Including: 2.1mm 2.2mm 2.3mm 2.4mm 2.5mm 2.6mm 2.7mm 2.8mm 2.9mm 3.0mm