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10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set 3.1-5.0mm
10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set 3.1-5.0mm Details
10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set 3.1-5.0mm Details 01
10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set 3.1-5.0mm Details 02

10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set 3.1-5.0mm

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3.1-5.0mm PCB Circuit Board Drill Bit Set

Drill has a large scraps discharge space, little resistance and smoothly during the scraps discharge. The cutting edges strictly avoid partial hole, ensure the quality.

Shank diameter: approx. 1/8″ (3.175mm). Use high-quality materials and fine grinding process makes a bit more sharp cutting edge, reduce cutting force and broken drill, improve the quality of hole wall. Long life, it can drill 2000-5000 pcs under normal working conditions, also can return grinding 4-5 times.

No wobbles and sharp enough to do the job, nice color coded, have the sizes printed on the shafts, come in a handy storage case. The shafts are all the same size, does not need to use a needle-chuck. It makes these bits easier to use.

The smallest one is so small it is hard to see with a magnifying glass, others are perfect for cleaning out small orifices. These are carbide and so you can shatter them if you don’t know how to respect carbide. Power hand drill is no steady enough to use these types of drills, use a drill press instead. And you need to be careful to not put much pressure on the bits when using them, and extremely careful that the only force you apply is along the bit and not to the side.

You can use it to engrave on glass, wood, metal, just about anything. Great drill bits at a great price.

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  • 10pcs PCB drill bits set
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  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Shank Dia: 3.175mm(1/8'')
  • Overall Length: 38mm