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1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic 105mm
1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic 115mm
1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic 125mm
1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic Details
1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic

1PC Diamond Saw Blade For Porcelain Tile Ceramic

M3Tools (105/115/125mm)
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105/115/125mm Diamond Saw Blade Dry/Wet Cutting

Professional tile installers and construction pros agree that diamond blades are a very important component for a neat work. The capability and toughness of a diamond saw are vital to having sharp cuts in your tile and flooring material. The great DC-250 tile saw or any other of the RUBI tile saws will provide great results when equipped with a reliable diamond blade. Before buying a new diamond blade, remember that material cost, sharpness and durability are some of the most important factors to consider.

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  • 1pc Diamond saw blade
  • To Korea, Japan : it takes about 7-10 days
  • To USA, CA, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Netherlands: it takes about 12 - 20days
  • To other European countries and Ukraine,Belarus,Russian Federation: it takes about 15-30 days
  • To other countries: it takes about 20-35 days


  • ​Type: Diamond Saw Blade 
  • Material: Diamond Tipped
  • Diameter: 105mm 115mm 125mm
  • Arbor: 22.23mm
  • Thickness: 1.2mm


  • The diamond saw blade are manufactured with high-quality industrial diamonds, which withstand thousands times cutting without deformation and being damaged, very durable and long life.
  • It can provide fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience for you.
  • Just unscrew the screw knob of the angle grinder simply place blade on it and tighten the screw knob by a wrench, and use it at once. No more complicated tool required.
  • This diamond saw blade is compatible with dry or wet cutting, and support most marble machine, bench cutting machine, angle grinder, etc. It can be widely used for cutting, grinding or polishing granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, refractory, porcelain and glass.

Why Are They Called Diamond Blades?

Diamond blades consist of a steel core and diamond segments, which are made by combining and sintering diamond crystals with different metals. These sintered metal-bonded diamond blades are the most common type of blade. The diamond pieces blended with the metals is what provides a durable and efficient blade saw. The diamond extrusions of the “teeth” will work to grind through the material. The tougher the blade, the more exposed these diamond pieces are, so they can generate a cleaner cut along harder materials.