90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set
90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set Size
90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set Details 01
90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set Details 02
90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set Details

90 degree Countersink Drill Bit Set

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90 degree 3 Flute Chamfer Drill Bit 6pcs Set

The countersink angle for the cross-hole core is 90°. With the cross-hole core you can also make countersinks for the countersunk screw.

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  • 6pcs Countersink Drill Bit
  • To Korea, Japan : it take about 7-10 days
  • To USA, CA, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Netherlands: it take about 12 - 20days
  • To other European countries and Ukraine,Belarus,Russian Federation: it take about 15-30 days
  • To other countries: it take about 20-35 days


  • Type: Cuntersink Drill Bit
  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Chamfer Degrees: 90
  • Flute: 3
  • Application: It is suitable for use in the work-piece which the hardness is under 25 degrees, such as aluminum sheet, thin iron plate, the insulatuing board or PVC board

Countersink Drill Bit Cutting Speed

When countersinking it is important to apply less force because countersinking requires only little grinding pressure.

Besides the grinding pressure you should also pay attention to the cutting speed. Especially with hard materials, like hardwood or metal, you should choose a very low speed. The slower the better. The countersink does not clatter and it does not get too hot. Thus the service life is not negatively affected.

How deep can I cut?

Depending on the application, you can cut to different depths. When removing the burr, for example, you only go a few millimetres into the material so that you only remove the burr.

If you want to countersink a screw, you can use the countersink to cut into the workpiece just before or up to the maximum diameter.