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Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw
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Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw Use
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Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw

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When it comes to outdoor power tools, Black+Decker has a reputation for producing reliable, user-friendly, and durable devices. The Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw is no exception. This versatile tool offers an innovative solution for trimming hard-to-reach branches, ensuring that your garden or landscape stays neat and well-kept. In this review, we will thoroughly examine the features, performance, and overall value of this pole saw.

  • Battery Type: Uses Black & Decker 20V Max lithium-ion battery (battery not included)
  • Bar Length: 47 inches long adjustable pole saw bar
  • Chain Type: 0.325 inches Oregon chainsaw style cutting chain
  • Chain Speed: 2,800 cuts/minute max chain speed
  • Cordless Design: Cordless electric pole saw runs on 20V Max lithium-ion battery for flexible use
  • Weight: About 7 lbs without battery
  • Charging Time: Battery charges fully in under 60 minutes
  • Run Time: Up to 55 minutes of run time on a 4.0Ah battery
  • Pole Length Adjustment: Telescoping pole adjusts from 4.5 to 7 feet in length
  • Transmission Type: Gear drive transmission
  • Safety Features: Includes chain break, kickback guard, chain catcher guard
  • Accessories: Comes with plastic carrying/storage case and bottle of bar and chain oil

Key Features

Power and Performance

The Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that ensures optimal performance. It provides an impressive 20V of power, easily handling branches up to 8 inches in diameter. The saw's battery life is also noteworthy. It can handle most small to medium-sized jobs on a single charge, reducing the constant need for recharging.

Ease of Use

A major advantage of this pole saw is its light weight. Weighing approximately 6.3 lbs, it allows for easy maneuverability and reduces the strain on the user. This makes it particularly appealing to those who may not be used to handling heavier landscaping tools.

The saw also features an extendable pole, reaching up to 14 feet, enabling users to trim high branches without needing a ladder. This feature, combined with its cordless design, contributes significantly to its ease of use and flexibility.

Design and Durability

The Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw showcases Black+Decker's commitment to durable and robust design. The saw's components are built with high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear associated with regular use.

The 8-inch cutting bar and chain are designed for smooth and fast cuts. The chain also has a self-lubricating system, which is a handy feature that extends the life of the saw and ensures consistent performance.

Performance in Real-World Use

After testing the Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw, its performance was up to par with its advertised features. The saw is indeed lightweight and manageable, making it easy to handle even for those not accustomed to using such tools.

The pole extension feature was an absolute game-changer. It allows for the trimming of high branches without the need for a ladder, improving safety and efficiency.

In terms of battery life and power, the saw does an excellent job of handling most small to medium-sized trimming jobs. However, for larger projects or denser woods, the battery life and power may not be as sufficient. It is essential to consider this factor based on the type of work you plan to use it for.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • 20V power can handle most small to medium-sized jobs
  • Pole extends up to 14 feet for high reach
  • Self-lubricating system for chain longevity
  • Durable design


  • May not be sufficient for larger projects or denser woods
  • Battery and charger sold separately in some packages


The Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw is a solid choice for anyone in need of a lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use tool for trimming branches. While it may not be the best option for larger projects or denser woods, it excels in small to medium-sized jobs, making it a versatile tool for most homeowners. The pole saw's design, durability, and features represent the quality one would expect from a reputable manufacturer like Black+Decker. For those in need of a reliable, user-friendly tool for maintaining their landscape, the Black+Decker 20V Max Pole Saw is a worthy investment.