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BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower
BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower Details
BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower Use
BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower Use 2

BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower

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The BLACK+DECKER LB700 is an inexpensive, 20V MAX lithium-ion cordless electric leaf blower ideal for occasional homeowners looking to clear small yards and pathways without fumes or cords. It provides enough power for light-duty use yet remains lightweight and affordable.

  • Type: Cordless electric blower
  • Battery: 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery included
  • Battery Capacity: 2.0 Ah
  • Charging Time: Less than 1 hour for full charge
  • Runtime: Up to 30 minutes per charge
  • Charger: Rapid charger included
  • Air Volume: 130 CFM
  • Air Speed: Max 180 MPH
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Power Source: 20V MAX lithium-ion battery
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs (with battery)
  • Tube Size: 12 inch
  • Speed Settings: 3 (0-180 MPH)
  • Included Accessories: Battery, charger
  • Noise Level: 66 dBA
  • Battery warranty: 2 years (for battery)
  • Product warranty: 2 years (for tool)
  • Compliant Standards: ETL certified


The compact, ergonomic design is comfortable to hold for moderate periods. At only 5.9 pounds with battery it feels far lighter than gas models. A soft rubberized grip zone provides secure handling. An adjustable blower tube allows pointing the discharge in any direction easily.

It runs on BLACK+DECKER's 20V MAX lithium-ion battery system. Included is a high-capacity 2.0 Ah battery lasting up to 30 minutes of runtime on a single charge. A rapid charger tops it off in under an hour. Additional batteries may be purchased separately for continuous use.


This blower generates 130 CFM of air power, decent for household use. The 3-speed slider switch offers variable speeds up to 180 MPH maximum. Low settings gently sweep while high effectively whisks away fallen leaves, grass, and loose debris.

It starts instantly at the push of a button and settles into a low, steady whir without excessive vibration. Throttle response is smooth and linear. Power remains strong through its runtime with no noticeable drop-off of speed or strength.

Control and versatility are good for its size. Though not as forceful as gas models, it manages light-bodied materials well within its power range. Fine-tuning the speed allows careful collection or more forceful clearing as needed. While compact, balance and weight distribution feel balanced for satisfactory control.

Ease of Use

Installation is a simple battery insertion. No priming, mixing fuel, or idle warm-up time means instant readiness. Its cordless design untethers operation to a radius of 25 feet from the charger, offering full mobility around the yard unrestricted by power cords.

Emptying the collection chamber is as easy as nudging the release latch. Dirt and debris dump out completely with each emptying for quick, clean removal. After use its compact size makes tidy horizontal storage in confined spaces like garages or sheds very convenient between uses.

Reliability and Maintenance

No gas, oil, or internal combustion engine means near zero maintenance or repairs. The brushless motor has a long service life. Simply charge the battery as needed and occasionally blow out trapped dirt from the housing vents.

A 2-year limited warranty backs the product. Replacement 20V batteries will likely outlast the tool itself and can also be used with over 80 other BLACK+DECKER products that share this system. This offers added value for future tool purchases.


Priced around $80, it offers a cost-effective solution for occasional homeowners. Factor in the savings from not buying gas and no maintenance costs, it pays for itself within a few seasons of use versus renting. The included battery also has flexibility for other yard tools one may add in the future.

While best for lighter jobs than pros face daily, for occasional clearing of leaves and debris in 1/4 acre yards or less of an average suburban home, it easily meets needs. More heavy-duty cordless and gas backpacks exist for serious landscaping contractors, but for light homeowner use it fits the bill nicely at a fair price point.


The BLACK+DECKER LB700 electric leaf blower provides sufficient power and convenience for casual homeowners maintaining modest properties. Battery runtime allows tackling average-sized yards on a single charge. Its lightweight ergonomics, cordless freedom, and quiet operation make it easier and less annoying to neighbors than gas alternatives. With zero emissions, fuel or maintenance costs, it offers an affordable long-term solution for light-duty yard debris clearance needs.