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Bosch CLPK495A-181
Bosch CLPK495A-181 Details
Bosch CLPK495A-181 Details 1
Bosch CLPK495A-181 Details 2

Bosch CLPK495A-181

18V 4-Tool Combo Kit
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The Bosch CLPK495A-181 4-Tool Combo Kit is a power-packed toolkit for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts who value quality, versatility, and power in their tools. This kit includes a drill driver, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, and a flashlight, making it an all-in-one solution for numerous tasks.

Packaging and Design

The tools come in a robust carrying bag, ensuring that transportation is hassle-free. The bag has pockets for each tool, which helps in better organization and quicker tool retrieval.

The design of the tools exudes a sense of ruggedness, the kind you would expect from a Bosch product. The ergonomic handles are soft-grip, and the lightweight nature of the tools reduces fatigue during extended periods of use. The tools are compact, designed for getting into tight spaces without losing performance.

Included Components

DDS181A Compact Tough Drill Driver

The DDS181A Compact Tough Drill Driver is a key component of this kit. It comes with a four-pole open frame motor, which delivers 600 inch-pounds of torque. This is powerful enough to handle various drilling and driving applications.

The drill driver has two-speed settings (0-500 RPM and 0-1700 RPM) that allow for precision and adaptability. It features a keyless chuck for easy bit changes and a 20+1 clutch setting for precise torque adjustments. The tool's electronic motor and cell protection help prevent overheating and overloading, ensuring longer tool life.

25618 Impact Driver

The 25618 Impact Driver is another highlight of the Bosch CLPK495A-181. This tool is capable of delivering a powerful 1500 inch-pounds of torque. The tool's speed reaches up to 2800 RPM and 3200 BPM, making it a great tool for driving screws and bolts in both wood and metal.

The impact driver has a quick change 1/4" hex drive with a power groove for bits and a 1/2" square drive for sockets. This tool also features an LED light to illuminate the work area, a must-have for working in low-light conditions.

CRS180B Reciprocating Saw

The CRS180B Reciprocating Saw is designed for cutting through various materials. The tool offers two speed ranges (0-2400 SPM and 0-2700 SPM), allowing you to adjust the speed based on the material you're working with.

The reciprocating saw has a long stroke length of 1-1/8 inch, which helps in fast and efficient cutting. The tool-free blade change system makes switching between blades a breeze, and the Lock-Jaw™ blade holder ensures the blade stays secured during use.

GLI18V-420B Worklight

Lastly, the kit includes the GLI18V-420B Worklight. This is a versatile, 420 lumen LED light that provides illumination for up to 13 hours with a 4.0 Ah battery. The light has six LED bulbs that provide 360-degree lighting. The torch is designed with a hang hook for easy placement and a six-sided design to position the light at various angles.

Performance and Battery

The tools in the Bosch CLPK495A-181 kit are driven by 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. You can expect long-lasting performance due to Bosch's CoolPack design, which extends the battery life by up to 100% compared to batteries without this feature.

Each tool showcases impressive performance. They are powerful, reliable, and efficient, showcasing Bosch's commitment to quality and innovation.

Final verdict

The Bosch CLPK495A-181 4-Tool Combo Kit is a versatile and reliable option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With a drill driver, impact driver, reciprocating saw, and worklight, the kit provides a comprehensive solution for a wide range of tasks.

While the kit is priced higher than some other models in the market, the quality, performance, and versatility offered by the Bosch CLPK495A-181 kit justify the price tag. Overall, this kit is a great investment that will pay off in the long run, offering reliable and efficient service for years to come.