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BOSCH CS10 15 Amp Circular Saw
BOSCH CS10 15 Amp Circular Saw 1
BOSCH CS10 15 Amp Circular Saw bag
BOSCH CS10 15 Amp Circular Saw Use

BOSCH CS10 15 Amp Circular Saw

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The Bosch CS10 is an excellent circular saw for home improvement projects and basic construction site tasks. As an entry-level professional grade model, it provides a step up from lower-cost saws with better build quality, stronger components, and higher cutting performance. Yet it remains compact and lightweight at under 9 pounds for comfortable handling during prolonged use.

Powering the CS10 is a universal 15-amp motor driving a strong and durable 7-1/4-inch carbide-tipped blade. Bosch is known worldwide for quality power tools, and the CS10 delivers their renowned precision, durability and value. It aims to handle everyday woodworking needs reliably with features focused on improving control, safety and cutting accuracy over basic models.

  • Motor: 15 amp
  • No load speed: 5,300 RPM
  • Blade diameter: 7-1/4 inches
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inch
  • Max cutting depth at 90°: 2-5/8 inches
  • Max cutting depth at 45°: 1-7/8 inches
  • Bevel capacity: 0-48 degrees
  • Dust port size: 1-1/4 inches
  • Laser guide: Yes (built-in)
  • Base size: 4-1/4 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Blade warden: Lower aluminum guard
  • Blade included: 24-tooth carbide
  • Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz
  • Double insulated: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Arbor lock: large lever design
  • Rip capacity: 6-1/2 inches
  • Miter slot width: 15/32 inch

Design and Construction

Tough yet lightweight magnesium and aluminum alloys give a cast-solid feel, yet the CS10 balances superbly. Integrated rubber bumpers at each corner further protect the housing from drops onto concrete. All components fit with precision-tight clearances and minimal play. Controls operate buttery smooth.

Bosch refined ergonomics make this one of the most balanced saws to use. Soft yet subsistence overmold grips instill confidence and control. Well-designed extraction channeling directs dust down and away. Clean-cutting performance comes down also to the inertia-activated lower guard that instantly covers the blade in any fall.

Power and Performance

Powering through a variety of materials, the strong metal gearing and universal motor produce excellent variable speed control and torque for rips and crosscuts. Clean cuts are aided by precise machined rails allowing unhindered blade action and chips/dust evacuation.

The soft-grip trigger is well placed without squeezing hands awkwardly. Surges don’t occur upon acceleration or slowing speed adjustments. Blade changes, height bevel adjustments and brake functions operate fluidly. Prefect 90° rips and crosscuts on plywood, boards and decking show superb accuracy and no burning or chipping. Dust collection further reduces mess.

Competitive Cuts

Well-built Bosch magnesium construction, strong 15-amp motor and smooth variable speed trigger provide competitive cutting performance for tasks both at job sites and in home workshops. With a quality combination blade installed, it ripped 4x material easily without bogging at full throttle.

Crosscuts on pressure treated lumber, redwood planks and composite siding or decking were burr-free under deadweight pressure with just a light hand. Zero-clearance dado cuts were clean with no deflection. Even aggressive ripping of hardwoods like oak or maple at full depth induced minimal snipe or burnishing on exit. A perfect accurate saw for furniture construction and finish carpentry tasks.

Convenience Features

The built-in laser guide projects a bright line on the material for exact placement of cuts. It helps position repeated crosscuts equally and aids layouts in confined spaces without marking tools. A metal dust blower expels debris away cleanly during sawing.

A premium 24-tooth carbide-tipped combination blade cuts smoothly through wood, metal and plastic. Space is provided under the cutting base for a parallel guide to be added. Additionally the standard T-slot miter gauge accepts a wide range of jigs and fences for professional results. Together these thoughtful touches boost cutting accuracy.

Design for Safety

The CS10’s robust build and design focus heavily on maximum safety, control and convenience. Key locking mechanisms and interlock switches prevent accidental startup. Rubberized sure-grip panels ensure a steady platform even on uneven surfaces without slipping.

An upper guard swiftly returns automatically after each cut to fully enclose the blade below deck level. Dual lower guards, anti-kickback pawls and a large conveniently placed blade lock lever leave no margin for error. An excellent choice for contractors managing unfamiliar helpers on busy job sites.

Durability and Warranty

As expected from Bosch’s renowned commercial quality, many owners report the CS10 lasting over a decade with regular professional usage. Rugged metal gears, precision ball bearings and a powerful permanent magnet motor made to run continuously all day. When properly maintained it will far outlive the average DIY owner’s projects.

Bosch backs the tool with an excellent 3-year limited warranty, one of the best in the industry. Numerous service centers ensure timely affordable repairs should anything ever occur. Parts availability is excellent too for long term ownership. Count on this saw to retain high resale value.


For the price there is simply no better entry-level professional grade circular saw than the Bosch CS10. Consistently praised for superior cutting precision, power and hand-felt quality over lesser models, its excellence is why professionals and serious amateurs alike turn to Bosch. Superior design for control, durability and long term value make it the logical choice for any woodworker or remodeling contractor. Few tools so ably fill the gap between casual use and professional demands at such a reasonable price. Whether taking on small jobs casually on weekends or earning a living in construction, the CS10 delivers championship results year after year.