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Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set
Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set Details 1
Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set Details 2
Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set Details 3

Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set

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Craftsman has long established itself as a reliable and trusted brand when it comes to tools and hardware. The Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set is no exception to this tradition of quality, offering both versatility and durability in its design. This set contains two strap wrenches: one with a smaller strap for lighter-duty tasks and one with a larger strap for more demanding applications.

Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set's Specifications

  • Made of composite resin materials for durability
  • Features two strap wrenches: 7-inch and 11-inch
  • 7-inch strap wrench has a 2-inch wide strap, 11-inch has a 2.5-inch wide strap
  • Has quick-release levers for easy adjustment and release of the wrench straps
  • Can handle pipes and fittings up to 3 inches in diameter
  • Securely grips round, square and hexagonal-shaped objects
  • Straps are made of polyester webbing for superior strength and abrasion resistance
  • Has cushioned non-marring grips to avoid damaging surfaces
  • Outer sleeves spin freely while inner sleeves lock onto the work piece
  • Includes lifetime warranty from manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 7" tool measure 7" long x 3" high. 11" tool measures 11" long x 3" high
  • Weight: 11 oz. for the 7" tool and 14 oz. for the 11" tool

Aesthetics and Design

The first thing to note about the Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set is its aesthetics. The wrenches are both strikingly crafted with an intense black strap and a vibrant red handle. The Craftsman logo is neatly engraved on the handle, which adds a professional touch to the tools.

The design of these wrenches centers around ergonomics. The handles are designed to offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. The strap is made of strong, durable rubber that can withstand significant tension without breaking or wearing out.

Size and Versatility

The set includes two different sizes of strap wrenches, making it an excellent option for a variety of tasks. The smaller strap wrench comes with a strap that's 17 inches long while the larger one features a 30-inch strap. This difference in size allows the user to work with objects of various diameters, from small pipe fittings to large oil filters.

The strap wrenches are designed to grip round or irregularly shaped items, which is where they truly shine. The rubber strap is flexible enough to wrap around different shapes, providing a strong grip that conventional wrenches can't match.

Performance and Durability

The performance of the Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set is top-notch. The strap locks into place securely, providing a good grip on the object you're working on. The wrenches can handle high amounts of torque without the strap slipping or the handle bending, a testament to Craftsman's commitment to quality.

In terms of durability, these strap wrenches are built to last. The rubber strap is highly resistant to wear and tear, even after repeated use. The handle is made of strong, durable plastic that can withstand a significant amount of force.

Value for Money

Considering the versatility, performance, and durability of the Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set, it offers excellent value for money. While the price might be slightly higher than other generic strap wrench sets on the market, the quality and reliability of these tools justify the cost.

Moreover, Craftsman offers a lifetime warranty on these tools, ensuring that you're covered in case of any manufacturing defects or other issues. This guarantee adds value to the product and gives users peace of mind.


In conclusion, the Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set is an excellent toolset that offers great versatility and strength. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, these strap wrenches will prove to be a valuable addition to your tool collection.

Their ability to grip and turn a wide variety of shapes, coupled with their durability and comfortable design, make them a standout choice. While they may cost a bit more than some other options, their performance and Craftsman's lifetime warranty make them a worthwhile investment.

Craftsman has once again lived up to its reputation for quality and reliability with the Craftsman 2-Piece Strap Wrench Set. These wrenches are designed to perform and built to last, offering users a reliable tool that can handle a wide range of tasks. They embody the innovation, quality, and value that Craftsman is known for, making this set a must-have for any toolbox.