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CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 Miter Saw Kit
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CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 Miter Saw Kit

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The CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 Miter Saw Kit is an affordable 10-inch model aimed at hobbyists and occasional DIY users. However, don't let its lower price point fool you, as it still delivers plenty of power and precision for miter and cross-cutting tasks. Let's take a closer look at its key specs and performance.


Priced accessibly for non-professional use, the CMCS714M1 boasts a 15-amp motor generating 3,800 RPM cutting speeds. This provides ample power for dimensional lumber, trim materials like casing and baseboards, and other common wood projects.

Of course, its 10-inch 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade helps slice efficiently through wood as well. Capable of crosscuts up to 2x6 lumber at 90 degrees or miters up to 52 degrees, it handles typical DIY cutting needs with ease.

Ecologically designed for less waste, the saw features a lower guard with anti-splintering splitter and anti-kickback pawls for safer operations. Comes bundled with an integrated rolling stand equipped with storage shelves too.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

While not as heavy-duty as commercial grade saws, CRAFTSMAN constructed the CMCS714M1 with a steel roll cage, trunnion, and aluminum base/guard housing to withstand regular household tasks. Ball bearing miter slides offer smooth adjustments too.

Comfortable oversized soft grip handles make it less tiring to navigate bevel and miter settings. The locking system maintains presets firmly. Retractable lower guard returns to position safely after each cut as well.

Ergonomic start/stop switch placement on the balanced main handle lends less finger fatigue. Storage shelves on its compact rolling stand let you keep materials and tools close.

Cutting Accuracy

Thanks in part to CRAFTSMAN's Experience Series SquareLock Rip Fence design, cuts are repeatable and precise down to the 1/64” level. Easy visibility razor v-groove track guides provide clear view points for clean alignment.

Positive detents at preset angles like 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 52 degrees allow for rapid repeat cuts with no guesswork. The rack and pinion miter system positions cuts smoothly and consistently across a generous 52 degree miter range.

Despite its lower cost, the CMCS714M1 delivers impressive accuracy for quick and simple projects around the home. An innovative pinned machined aluminum miter bar is also included for additional guidance on select non-through cuts.

Additional Features

An onboard LED work lamp shines light where needed. Meanwhile dust collection ports scatter away debris to keep the work area cleaner. Detachable anti-snag lower blade guard protects unwary hands from potential kickback too.

CRAFTSMAN backs it with a 3-year limited warranty for long lasting value. Includes all essentials to get started immediately right out of the box. Rolled steel mobile stand has 5” pneumatic wheels for mobility as well.

Capacity and Performance Verdict

Of course, advance DIYers and small contractors may eventually outgrow its limitations compared to saws fit for daily industrial grade work. However, for periodic home renovation jobs, woodworking students/shops and light production needs, it delivers well.

Durably built and easy to set up for quick projects in the evenings or weekends, this budget friendly saw holds its own versus pricier basic models. Factor in the storage add-ons and it pays for itself versus rentals over time.

So, while not in the same class as full-time tradesman level miter saws, the affordably priced CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 checks all the boxes needed for occasional personal and small business woodcutting tasks on a smaller budget.

Value and Price Point

Pricing out hundreds less versus comparable mainstream brand cabinet-grade saws, this model aims to make high performance miter capability accessible without breaking the bank. For infrequent needs, its capable and affordable enough to probably last several homeowners.

Despite its hobbyist design focus and lower entry cost compared to commercial models, it remains a wise value for dedicated DIYers, students, and lightest duty pro applications. After all, its key fundamentals like rigidity, accuracy and safety still get the basic woodworking jobs done.

The bundled rolling stand adds extra convenience as well. By providing everything required straight out of the box to complete accessible miters and crosscuts at an economical price point, it serves as an agreeable tradesman starter kit or occasional user system overall.


While not an investment grade professional saw, the CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 kit satisfies entrance level DIY and education budgets focused on occasional indoor home jobs. Easy to set up and use, it cuts wood with steady hands at an attractive price tag.

Reliable basics like precise miter detents, rack and pinion movement, anti-kickback devices and dust collection add up to quality any woodworker can appreciate. And its sturdy steel construction will likely outlive most casual users' needs.

Backed by CRAFTSMAN's solid reputation and warranty support, the CMCS714M1 checks all the boxes as an accessible and accurate woodcutting companion for personal projects and lighter duty shop class assignments on a sensible budget.