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DEWALT DCH273B Details
DEWALT DCH273B Details
DEWALT DCH273B Details


20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill
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The DEWALT DCH273B is a 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill that has been designed to make drilling tasks easier, quicker, and more efficient. This powerful tool boasts an array of features that make it not only an excellent choice for professionals but also a great addition to any DIY enthusiast's toolbox. In this comprehensive review, we will examine this hammer drill's key features, performance, durability, and overall value, providing you with all the information you need to decide if it's the right tool for you.

Key Features

Brushless Motor Technology

The DEWALT DCH273B features a brushless motor, which provides several advantages over traditional brushed motors. The brushless design results in increased runtime, better power efficiency, and longer overall motor life. This means you can expect more work done on a single charge and a longer-lasting tool.

Shocks Active Vibration Control

One of the standout features of the DEWALT DCH273B is its Shocks Active Vibration Control system. This innovative technology reduces vibration levels by up to 50% compared to traditional rotary hammer drills, improving user comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use. The result is a more pleasant and precise drilling experience, even during challenging tasks.

3-Mode Operation

The DEWALT DCH273B offers three different modes of operation: rotary hammer, hammer-only, and drill-only. This versatility allows you to tackle a wide range of tasks, from drilling holes in concrete and masonry to chiseling and demolition work. The 3-mode selector makes switching between modes quick and easy, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

High-Performance Drilling

With its powerful brushless motor and 2.1 Joules of impact energy, the DEWALT DCH273B delivers impressive drilling performance. It can drill up to 5/32" - 1/2" holes in concrete and masonry, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential construction, commercial renovations, and DIY projects.

Safety Clutch

The DEWALT DCH273B comes with an integrated safety clutch to help protect both the user and the tool. This clutch minimizes sudden high-torque reactions if the bit jams, reducing the risk of injury and potential damage to the hammer drill.


The DEWALT DCH273B offers impressive performance in a variety of tasks. Its 3-mode operation allows it to excel at drilling, chiseling, and hammer drilling, making it a versatile tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The brushless motor provides efficient power transfer, allowing the DCH273B to deliver up to 1,100 RPM and 4,600 BPM. This results in fast and efficient drilling in materials such as concrete, masonry, and brick. The Shocks Active Vibration Control system also helps to maintain accuracy and control during these tasks, ensuring a high-quality finish.


DEWALT is known for its durable tools, and the DCH273B is no exception. The hammer drill's exterior is constructed from a combination of durable materials, including a glass-filled nylon housing and a magnesium gear case. These materials help to protect the tool from damage and ensure a long lifespan.

The brushless motor also contributes to the DCH273B's durability. With fewer moving parts and less friction, the motor is less prone to wear and tear, ensuring a longer service life.

Overall Value

The DEWALT DCH273B offers excellent value for its price. With its combination of power, versatility, and durability, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run. The tool's performance and features make it suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, and its quality construction ensures it will stand up to the rigors of daily use.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Shocks Active Vibration Control for reduced vibration
  • 3-mode operation for versatility
  • Integrated safety clutch
  • Durable construction


  • Tool only; battery and charger sold separately
  • Heavier than some competitors


The DEWALT DCH273B is a powerful, versatile, and durable hammer drill that delivers impressive performance in a range of applications. Its brushless motor, Shocks Active Vibration Control, and 3-mode operation make it a valuable addition to any toolbox, whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast. While the tool's weight and the need to purchase a battery and charger separately may be drawbacks for some users, the overall value and performance of the DEWALT DCH273B make it a worthy investment.