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Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment
Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment Details 1
Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment Details 2

Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment

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The Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment is a trusted piece of equipment for many garden enthusiasts and professional landscapers. This attachment is popular for its ability to transform Echo powerheads into brushcutters, providing a versatile tool for managing dense vegetation. In this review, we'll delve into the features, performance, and value of the Echo 99944200601 Brushcutter Attachment.


The Echo 99944200601 is an attachment specifically designed for Echo's Pro Attachment Series (PAS) powerheads. This attachment, with its robust blade and sturdy construction, is highly effective in dealing with thick brush, tall grass, and even small trees.



The Echo 99944200601 brushcutter is compatible with multiple Echo PAS models. This includes the PAS-225, PAS-230, PAS-266, PAS-280, and PAS-2620. This broad compatibility allows users to swap out attachments quickly and easily, adding to the convenience and versatility of the Echo PAS system.

Build Quality

The brushcutter attachment is built with the same high-quality materials and craftmanship seen in other Echo products. This ensures longevity and durability even under heavy use. The metal blade is sturdy and sharp, capable of cutting through dense vegetation with ease.


The Echo 99944200601 brushcutter attachment features a 8" 80-tooth brushcutting saw blade. The blade is designed to deliver a sharp and efficient cut, making it ideal for heavy-duty landscaping tasks. It's also replaceable, allowing for long-term use with proper maintenance.


The brushcutter comes with a large shield that offers protection against flying debris, enhancing safety during use. This shield does not obstruct visibility, ensuring that users can accurately guide the brushcutter.


Cutting Ability

The Echo 99944200601 brushcutter attachment performs exceptionally well in cutting through thick brush. It effortlessly slices through dense vegetation and overgrown grass, making it an ideal tool for both home gardeners and professional landscapers. For small saplings, the brushcutter performs equally well, although larger trees may require a chainsaw or other specialized equipment.

Ease of Use

In terms of handling, the brushcutter attachment is straightforward to attach to the powerhead and easy to control during use. The weight distribution is good, allowing for comfortable use over extended periods. However, as with any power tool, users should take regular breaks to prevent fatigue.


The maintenance for the Echo 99944200601 brushcutter attachment is relatively low. Regular cleaning and occasional blade sharpening or replacement are all that's needed to keep this attachment operating at peak performance. Echo provides clear instructions for these tasks in the user manual.


Given the performance and quality of the Echo 99944200601 brushcutter attachment, it offers excellent value for the price. When compared to purchasing a standalone brushcutter, you will find that this attachment provides comparable performance at a fraction of the cost.


The Echo 99944200601 brushcutter attachment is a robust and reliable tool that delivers on its promises. With its excellent cutting ability, ease of use, and compatibility with multiple Echo PAS powerheads, this attachment offers a versatile solution for handling dense vegetation. Its build quality and performance make it a worthwhile investment for both home gardeners and professional landscapers. While it might not replace a chainsaw for dealing with large trees, it certainly fills a gap in the arsenal of gardening tools, making it a highly recommended addition.