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Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower
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Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower

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The Echo PB-580T backpack blower is a heavy-duty professional leaf blower for commercial and professional landscape contractors. Echo is a well-known brand for outdoor power equipment, known for durable and powerful tools. The PB-580T aims to provide maximum power and performance for clearing large areas quickly.

The PB-580T is Echo's most powerful backpack blower, packing quite a punch with 211cc of displacement and 43.2 cubic inches of displacement. This translates to generating up to 690 CFM and 220 MPH of air speed from the outlet nozzle. The engine is an Air-Cooled 4-cycle single cylinder OHV design. It has a displacement of 22.4 cubic inches that drives this monster blower. It weighs in at 25.4 pounds without fuel. The fuel tank holds 19.5 ounces of mixed gas.

  • Engine: Air-Cooled 4-Cycle Single Cylinder OHV gas engine
  • Displacement: 22.4 cu. in.
  • Net Power: 5.6 HP (4.2 kW)
  • Maximum Air Speed: 220 mph
  • Maximum Air Volume: 690 CFM
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.5 oz (0.58 L)
  • Fuel Mix Ratio: 50:1 gas to oil
  • Starting System: Recoil starter
  • Oil Alert: Automatic shutoff to prevent engine damage from low oil
  • Sound Level: 68 dBA
  • Handling: Adjustable shoulder straps and padded back support
  • Weight: 25.4 lbs (with empty fuel tank)
  • Dimensions: 26" L x 16" W x 19" H
  • Blower Tube: Steel tube with adjustable soft rubber nozzle
  • Tube Diameter: 2 inches
  • Controls: Variable speed trigger control, ON/OFF switch on handle
  • Approved Fuel: Mixed unleaded gasoline
  • Warranty: 3 years (5 years on engine)
  • Compliant Standards: Emissions - EPA, Safety - CSA


Physically, the blower has a comfortably padded suspension style backpack frame for long periods of operation without fatigue. Sturdy shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly across the upper back and shoulders. Thickly padded waist straps help secure the blower and take weight off the shoulders for all-day wearability. The frame and straps appear well built for professional use.

The control handle is adjustable up and down 4 inches as well as side to side for a customized fit. Rubber covered hand grips provide comfortable control. The trigger lockout prevents accidental starts and a variable speed throttle lets the user fine tune the air speed as needed. An easy to reach on/off switch is located conveniently on the handle within thumb's reach.

QuietZip muffler technology keeps the noise levels reasonable at just 68dBA, about as loud as normal conversation. While still loud, this is impressively quiet for such a powerful machine. The durable steel tube construction combined with comfort padding makes this blower built to withstand rough professional use year after year.


Powering through leaves, debris and light snow, this blower lives up to its billing as a true heavyweight. The 4-cycle engine starts easily on the first or second pull of the recoil starter even when cold. It settles into a smooth idle immediately. Advance the throttle even a little and it surges with powerful turbo-like rush of air that is impossible to believe comes from a handheld tool.

The CFM and air speed burst out of the nozzle with effortless gusto that scatters piles of leaves and branches like they are nothing. Light and airy materials such as leaves, grass clippings or paper simply disintegrate under the onslaught. Larger sticks, acorns and mulch are picked up and thrown long distances with ease. The blower maintains its composure admirably without straining or stalling even under a heavy load.

Controlling the air column is manageable despite its raw force. Pointing and aiming guidance is predictable. Adjusting the speed dial allows moderating the velocity to carefully sweep and direct rather than blast materials. Good balance and light weight belie its impressive grunt. The sturdy straps and back padding bear the load comfortably for hours of continuous operation. Fuel consumption is acceptable at around 0.3 gallons per hour of runtime. Even extended demands don't slow it down noticeably.


Build quality shines through with the Echo reputation. After hundreds of hours in punishing professional applications, the PB-580T shows little sign of wear. The engine performs consistently and still starts easily even in colder weather. Normal maintenance like oil changes are routine. No repairs have been needed so far despite running nearly every day in all weather. Vibration is negligible through the padded frame and handle even at full throttle helping avoid operator fatigue. Durable construction means it just keeps running strong season after season in challenging conditions.


Priced at around $700, this blower represents an investment but saves labor costs versus renting or multiple smaller blowers. For landscape professionals working large commercial properties daily, the PB-580T pays for itself in productivity. Projects that would take all day with lesser tools can be blown clean in just hours. By blowing wet leaves instead of bagging, it avoids extra steps and disposal costs. Fuel costs are offset by blowing multiple jobs on a single tank. Reliability means less downtime waiting for repairs. While not inexpensive, factoring in labor savings and years of service, its total cost of ownership is competitive for serious professional use.


The Echo PB-580T backpack blower delivers formidable power for clearing large areas fast. Its durability and ease of use make it effective for landscape professionals tackling big jobs day after day. Superb balance and padded frame keep operators comfortable even during long hours. Backed by the Echo reputation for quality, it performs dependably season after season. While substantial initially, its capability ultimately saves time and money on projects versus alternatives. For serious contractors who demand maximum strength with minimum fuss, the PB-580T represents a worthwhile investment in productivity.