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Metabo HPT KC18DG4L
Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Details
Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Details 1
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Metabo HPT KC18DG4L

18V Lithium Ion 4-Piece Combo Kit
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In the bustling world of power tools, the Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Combo Kit is a standout product that warrants a comprehensive review. This kit is a versatile and reliable solution for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. With its user-friendly design, powerful performance, and top-notch durability, it has proven to be a valuable addition to any tool collection.

The Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Combo Kit includes a Hammer Drill, Impact Driver, Reciprocating Saw, LED Flashlight, two 18V Lithium Ion Slide Batteries, a Rapid Charger, and a heavy-duty tool bag. All these components are designed to provide a comprehensive set for a diverse range of tasks. In this review, we'll cover the key features, performance, and overall value of this combo kit.

Key Features

Hammer Drill (DV18DBFL2)

The hammer drill included in this combo kit is a robust tool capable of delivering up to 620 in-lbs of torque. It features a brushless motor that is not only more efficient compared to brushed models, but also tends to last longer due to fewer moving parts. With a two-speed gear setting, it allows for precise control depending on the task at hand.

Impact Driver (WH18DBFL2)

The Impact Driver, boasting a torque of up to 1,522 in-lbs, is a powerhouse in a compact form. Its brushless motor ensures longevity and efficient power consumption. The tool also features a variable speed trigger that allows users to control the speed from 0-3,100 RPM, which is suitable for a wide range of fastening applications.

Reciprocating Saw (CR18DBL)

The Reciprocating Saw is a versatile tool that can cut through wood, plastic, and metal. It features a tool-less blade changing system which allows for quick and easy blade replacements. It also has an adjustable front shoe that increases blade life and helps control cut depth.

LED Flashlight (UB18DEL)

The LED Flashlight is a handy addition to the kit, providing bright illumination for work in dark areas. It's lightweight, durable, and features an adjustable head that can pivot to the desired direction.

18V Lithium Ion Slide Batteries

The two 18V Lithium Ion Slide Batteries are compact, lightweight, and provide impressive power. They have a three-stage battery indicator that tells the user how much power is left.

Rapid Charger (UC18YSL3)

The Rapid Charger can charge the included batteries in a short amount of time, minimizing downtime and keeping your tools ready for action.


The performance of the Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Combo Kit is remarkable. The Hammer Drill and Impact Driver deliver exceptional torque, allowing you to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. They both have ergonomic grips that reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use. The Reciprocating Saw is quick, powerful, and able to handle a variety of cutting tasks, making it a versatile inclusion in this kit.

The LED Flashlight is bright and durable, providing much-needed illumination in low-light work situations. The 18V Lithium Ion Batteries provide a good amount of run time and are quick to recharge with the Rapid Charger, ensuring less downtime.


Metabo HPT is known for its durable, high-quality tools, and this combo kit is no exception. With their solid construction and robust design, these tools are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.


Considering the versatility and quality of the tools included, the Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Combo Kit offers excellent value for its price. It's a comprehensive kit that can handle a wide range of tasks, making it an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


In conclusion, the Metabo HPT KC18DG4L Combo Kit is a high-performing, durable, and versatile set of tools. It offers remarkable power and reliability, making it a worthy investment for anyone looking to expand their tool collection. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this combo kit is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.