Nano Blue Coating Roughing End Mill 4 Flute
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Nano Blue Coating Roughing End Mill 4 Flute

M3Tools (4-12mm)
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4mm-12mm Roughing End Mill 4 Flute Spiral Carbide Mill

Four flute end mills are used for all end mill operations.  The flute volume is less on 4 flute mills, but they are the most common number of flutes.  The larger number of flutes allows for a faster feed rate.   They may not perform as well in grooving operations, because the chips are crowded.

Roughing End Mills, also known as ripping cutters or hoggers, are designed to remove large amounts of metal quickly and more efficiently than standard end mills. Coarse tooth roughing end mills remove large chips for heavy cuts, deep slotting and rapid stock removal on low to medium carbon steel and alloy steel prior to a finishing application. Fine tooth roughing end mills remove less material but the pressure is distributed over many more teeth, for longer tool life and a smoother finish on high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

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  • Free shipping all over the world
  • 1pc Carbide End Mill
  • To Korea, Japan : it takes about 7-10 days
  • To USA, CA, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Netherlands: it takes about 12 - 20days
  • To other European countries and Ukraine,Belarus,Russian Federation: it takes about 15-30 days
  • To other countries: it takes about 20-35 days


  • Suitable for roughing cuts in softwood, hardwood and man made board.
  • Carbide for maximum durability in abrasive material.
  • Up-cut spiral for optimum chip flow and improved finish on bottom of board.
  • For use in routers and machining centers with CNC control.


  • Type: Roughing End Mill
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Coated: Nano Blue Coating
  • Flute: 4
  • HRC: 65

What is Nano Coating?

Nano-coating, also known as a ceramic coating is the process of applying a surface layer that repels dry particles, water, oil and dirt. They can be found in both liquid and solid form and provide characteristics that are favourable. For instance, a nano coating can make a surface scratch resistant, improve hardness, or make it resistant to bacteria.