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Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit
Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit 6mm
Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit 1pc
Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit Details 01
Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit Details

Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit

(Shank Size: 6mm 8mm) - Free Shipping
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Reversible Finger Joint Glue Joint Router Bit

This Easy-Setup finger joint router bit can cut finger joints from 3/8 in. up to 1-1/2 in. thick. The overall length is 3-9/16 in. and the shank is 1/2 in. Easy setup finger joint router bits take the hassle and frustration out of setting up a properly aligned finger joint. A standard finger joint bit has a cutting height center that is difficult to locate and align with the stock.

We have designed the top edge of the center tooth to be perfectly horizontal thereby enabling you to use the corner of that tooth as the center reference point. The difference is subtle but very effective. By lining up that point with the center of your stock you will have a perfect setup every time regardless of the thickness of your stock.

Package & Shipping:

  • Free shipping all over the world
  • To Korea, Japan : it takes about 7-10 days
  • To USA, CA, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Netherlands: it takes about 12 - 20days
  • To other European countries and Ukraine,Belarus,Russian Federation: it takes about 15-30 days
  • To other countries: it takes about 20-35 days


  • MATERIAL: Carbide Tipped
  • SHANK SIZE  : 6mm/8mm
  • CUTTING LENGTH: 1-1/4"
  • CUTTING DEPTH: 5/16"
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 3-3/16"

Running Perpendicular wood Through The Router:

Some people who watch the process of running vertical pieces of wood through a router table expect that the best way to do this is with a miter gauge. That is NOT THE CASE. Just as with a table saw, you never use a miter gauge in conjunction with a fence. The best and safest way to push perpendicular pieces of wood through the router is to use a backer board or push block.

This ensures the wood you are pushing through the router bit is supported, so it can't kick back, it's even with the fence so it gives a good cut and there is no way it can jamb part way such as it can with the miter gauge. The only time to ever use a miter gauge on a router table is after the fence has been moved back out of the way or removed from the table altogether.

To make backer boards or push blocks for my router table, I just use 3/4 inch plywood scrap, about 8 inches square and absolutely 90 degrees on all 4 corners, and that will give you excellent, safe results when pushing wood through the router.