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Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw
Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw TiN
Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw Details 01
Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw Details 02
Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw Details 03

Twist Drill Bit Set For Screw

(Size: 1.98-3.56mm) - Free Shipping
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Hex Shank Wood Hole Drilling Cutter Pilot Holes For Screw

Twist drills are rotary cutting tools that normally have two cutting edges and two flutes which are grooves formed in the body to provide cutting lips, to permit the removal of chips and to allow coolant or cutting fluid to reach the cutting action.

Package & Shipping:

  • Free shipping all over the world
  • 6pcs Twist Drill Bit Set
  • To Korea, Japan : it take about 7-10 days
  • To USA, CA, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Netherlands: it take about 12 - 20days
  • To other European countries and Ukraine,Belarus,Russian Federation: it take about 15-30 days
  • To other countries: it take about 20-35 days


  • Four piece set includes bits for drilling pilot holes for screw sizes #5, #6,#8,#10 and #12
  • Special designed steel counter sleeve countersinks or counter bores pilot hole
  • Adjustable counter sleeve depth with Allen wrench
  • Standard hex shank is quick change compatible
  • Drill and countersink for wood screws without changing bits
  • Drilling length can be adjusted for various length screws simply by loosening and tightening the setscrew


  • Material: HSS
  • Shank: 1/4 hex shank
  • Size: 5# 1.98mm(0.07795 inch)x 50mm(L), 6# 2.38mm (0.0937 inch) x 55mm(L), 8# 2.78mm (0.1094 inch) x 60mm(L), 10# 3.175mm (0.125 inch) x 63mm(L), 12# 3.56mm (0.14 inch) x 65mm(L)

Why Titanium Coated Twist Drill Bit?

Titanium-coated stainless steel can come in heavy gauge sheets because it is a thin layer of titanium chemically bonded with a thicker layer of stainless steel. Stainless steel coated with titanium may increase its scratch and corrosion resistance, making its durability superior to many other metal options.