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Beading Router Bits

Beading Router Bits Buying Guide

The beading bit is a close relative of the ever popular roundover bit. Like the roundover bit, the beading bit cuts a 1/4 round profile in a specific radius. Unlike the roundover, the beading bit leaves a shoulder at the top of the bit. It is sometimes called a corner beading or corner bead bit.

If you don't want the shoulder at the tip of the bit, you can switch to a larger bearing - converting it into a roundover bit.

Advantage of a Router and Router Bits:

  • Cost - As compared to a shaper the total cost of a plunge router, a lift, table top, fence, work hold-down, can add up to over $800. Replacement bits can cost from $20 up.
  • Tooling - Router bits are much smaller in diameter. This enables one to be able to work on smaller and more delicate work pieces. Being that the diameter of router bits is much smaller than shaper cutters, the revolutions per second is much higher. This enables the cutter to have more contact with the wood creating a much cleaner cut.
  • Versatility - The router was described as "the most versatile tool in the world" by Jeremy Broun in his book, The Incredible Router. Not only can it be used for so many areas of work but it can be transported easily to work done outside the shop. Additionally, there seems to be an amount of profile cuts which can be made using, what it seems to be, an infinite number of different router bits.