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Carbide Ball Burrs

Ball Burrs (or Round Burrs)

Ball burrs are completely spherical, and can be used at any angle to carve out a rounded indentation for a stone. They can also be used for general shaping. The blades are usually quite widely spaced, which will result in a rougher finish.

Due to their shape, ball burrs can be quite difficult to keep in position as they are prone to rolling. It is advisable to start off at a slower speed until the burr ‘bites’, and then increase it as necessary. Again, keep ball burrs well lubricated to aid with cutting.

Applications of Carbide burrs

Generally, the carbide burrs find application in a wide range of industries amongst which include the metal smith, dental, automotive, aerospace industries and more. In these industries they are typically used for sculpting, cylinder head porting, grinding, deburring, casting, chamfering, welding, jewelry making, wood carving, model engineering, tool making, and other metalwork.