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Flush Trim Router Bits

Flush Trim Router Bits Buying Guide

A flush trim bit has a bearing mounted at the tip. This is the preferred method for use in a router table since you would have a clear view of the template. Place the workpiece on the table with the template on top. Adjust the bit height so the bearing runs along the template’s edge. This bit can also be used with a handheld router in cases where you may be flush trimming a table or counter flush with the supporting structure which becomes the template.

Components of a Flush Trim Router Bit

Four common parts are there in all router bits. They consist of the body, the blade/cutters, the finish, and the shank.

  • Body: The body allows for proper support and backing. A massive piece of hardened steel provides weight and torque to the blade as it cuts through wood.
  • Blade/ cutters: The blade or cutter is the part that comes in contact with the cutting surface. The blade is manufactured from micro-grain carbide. It Is a common grade of carbide.
  • Shank: It’s the part that is inserted into the router’s collet. They vary in length and are cylindrical at the bottom.