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Ogee Router Bits

Ogee Router Bits Buying Guide

Roman ogees usually have convex curves closer to their tips and concave curves near their shanks. This creates moulding with a convex curve at the top and a concave curve at the bottom. Roman ogee cutters can be found in the Trade range and CraftPro range. The Professional TCT range includes various different Roman ogee cutters, such as ones for use with solid surface materials, raised panel cutters, a miniature bearing cutter, and edge moulding cutters.

Beginner Bit Tip Tips - Choosing the Right Bit Style!!

Aspiring woodworkers beginning to learn the science and craft of routing need to get experience and be certain they plan to seriously pursue expertise before they invest money to purchase this tool and the wide range of bits available for use. A person aiming at a career as a racecar driver will most likely begin by racing on small dirt tracks before going onto the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit. However, even at a beginning level, the quality of the tool, be it race car or router, must be top-notch.

Router Bit Materials

What are the materials used to make your router bits? Most router bits are made from either high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. Made from carbon steel, HSS bits have a high heat resistance, which allows the bits to maintain their strength longer. The alternative is carbide tip bit. Carbide tip bits are harder and can hold an edge longer than HSS bits. And when it comes to the lifespan of the bit, HSS bits simply can't compete. According to Router Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Routers, carbide tips can last 80-90 percent longer than HSS bits.

While the carbide bit trumps HSS in most categories, it should be noted that you must handle and store carbide bits with care. Carbide tips are brittle, so it is important you take care of them accordingly. Handled correctly, you will find they stay sharp for a longer time while also providing a cleaner cut than HSS bits. All of which makes m3 tools carbide bits the higher quality material and well worth the investment.