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Center Drill Bit

Center drill bits, occasionally known as Slocombe drill bits, are used in metalworking to provide a starting hole for a larger-sized drill bit or to make a conical indentation in the end of a workpiece in which to mount a lathe center. In either use, the name seems appropriate, as the bit is either establishing the center of a hole or making a conical hole for a lathe center. However, the true purpose of a center drill bit is the latter task, while the former task is best done with a spotting drill bit.

In the world of machining, drilling, and woodworking, centering drill bits are essential tools for accurate and precise hole placement. These specialized bits help to ensure that your drill holes are centered and straight, making it easier to create professional-quality projects. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the top centering drill bits available in 2023, providing you with detailed information to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Top 5 Centering Drill Bits of 2023:

1. Milescraft 5343 Dowel and Tenon Center Set - Best Overall

Milescraft 5343 Dowel and Tenon Center Set

The Milescraft 5343 Dowel and Tenon Center Set is an excellent all-around choice for both woodworking and metalworking applications. This versatile set includes four different size centers (1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2") to accommodate a range of dowel and tenon sizes. These centering pins are made from high-quality steel for durability and longevity, ensuring accurate hole placement every time.

The Milescraft 5343 set also comes with a handy storage case, making it easy to keep your centering pins organized and protected. The precision-machined steel construction ensures that these pins will stay sharp and accurate, even with heavy use. This set is an excellent investment for any serious woodworker or metalworker looking for top-quality centering drill bits.

2. Snappy Tools Quick-Change 5-Pc. Countersink Drill Bit Set - Best Budget

Snappy Tools Quick-Change 5-Pc. Countersink Drill Bit Set

For those on a budget, the Snappy Tools Quick-Change 5-Piece Countersink Drill Bit Set offers an affordable solution without sacrificing quality. This set includes five high-speed steel (HSS) countersink drill bits with centering pilots in sizes 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", and 9/64". The quick-change hex shank design allows for rapid bit changes, making it simple to switch between different sizes as needed.

The Snappy Tools set also features a unique spring-loaded sleeve design that automatically retracts as you drill, ensuring consistent depth and perfect centering every time. The HSS construction provides excellent durability and sharpness, while the versatile sizes make this set suitable for a wide range of applications, including woodworking, metalworking, and plastics.

3. W. L. Fuller 10393011C #11 5-Piece Taper Drill Set - Best for Woodworking

W. L. Fuller 10393011C #11 5-Piece Taper Drill Set

For woodworking enthusiasts, the W. L. Fuller 10393011C #11 5-Piece Taper Drill Set is an excellent choice. This high-quality set includes five tapered drill bits with matching countersinks, made from high-speed steel for excellent cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness. These bits are specifically designed for use with wood, ensuring clean and accurate holes every time.

The W. L. Fuller set also includes an adjustable depth stop collar, allowing you to control the depth of your countersinks for a perfect finish on every project. The hex shank design ensures a secure fit in your drill, reducing the chance of slipping during use. Overall, this set is an outstanding choice for woodworkers looking for precise, high-quality centering bits.

4. DEWALT DW1625 3/4-Inch Black Oxide Split Point Reduced Shank Drill Bit - Best for Metalworking

DEWALT DW1625 3/4-Inch Black Oxide Split Point Reduced Shank Drill Bit

For metalworking applications, the DEWALT DW1625 3/4-Inch Black Oxide Split Point Reduced Shank Drill Bit is an excellent choice. This heavy-duty bit is made from high-speed steel with a black oxide coating, providing exceptional durability and resistance to heat and wear. The 135-degree split point design ensures quick, accurate centering and reduced walking during drilling.

The DEWALT DW1625 also features a 3/8-inch reduced shank, allowing it to be used with a wider range of drill chucks while maintaining a secure grip. This bit is ideal for drilling into metals, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. With its robust construction and superior performance, the DEWALT DW1625 is a top choice for metalworkers who need reliable centering drill bits.

5. Bosch CO21 21-Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set - Best for Heavy Duty

Bosch CO21 21-Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set

When it comes to heavy-duty applications, the Bosch CO21 21-Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set is a clear winner. This set includes 21 cobalt drill bits, ranging in size from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch, providing a versatile selection for various drilling tasks. Cobalt bits are known for their exceptional durability and heat resistance, making them ideal for heavy-duty drilling in hard materials like stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium.

The Bosch CO21 set features split-point tips for accurate centering and reduced walking, ensuring precise hole placement every time. The bits also have a no-skate design, which minimizes bit skating on the material's surface. With a durable, heavy-duty storage case, this set is perfect for professionals or serious DIYers who need reliable centering drill bits for demanding projects.

What to Consider When Choosing Centering Drill Bits

When selecting centering drill bits, there are several factors to consider:


The material of the drill bit will have a significant impact on its performance and durability. For woodworking, high-speed steel (HSS) bits are an excellent choice, as they offer a balance of sharpness and durability. For metalworking, cobalt or black oxide-coated HSS bits provide better heat resistance and extended tool life.

Size Range

Choose a set with a versatile size range to accommodate various drilling tasks. If you work primarily with a specific material or project type, consider selecting a set tailored to your needs.

Shank Design

The shank design plays a crucial role in the stability and ease of use of your centering drill bits. Hex shanks provide a secure grip and reduce the chance of slipping, while quick-change shanks allow for rapid bit changes.

Depth Control

Some centering drill bits come with depth stop collars or other depth control features, allowing you to create countersinks or drill holes to a precise depth.


The right centering drill bit can significantly improve the accuracy and professionalism of your projects. Our top pick, the Milescraft 5343 Dowel and Tenon Center Set, offers a versatile and high-quality solution for a variety of applications. However, based on your specific needs and budget, any of the options on our list can serve as an excellent choice. Remember to consider factors like material, size range, shank design, and depth control when making your decision.